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Many people dream of having a house, kids and possible a dog, but sometimes that not something they can achieve on their own. Infertile has become a major issue for women that want kids and is increasing for many males. We also have people from the gay and lesbian community that don’t want to adopt but he children of their own. A growing number of unwed single people want kids with having the relationship or marriage stuff that comes with it.

Louis Brown was the first successful test tube baby in 1978, which gave many couples hope of their own. Before this occurred many only had the option of adoption however there is now reproductive technology to help with baby making process. My paper will discuss the pros and cons of reproductive technology. With Joys of reproductive technology comes many concerns and issue that have been not deemed moral. How will the child be affected by this? Can the people or person held all of the procedures and things that need to happen?

How much will this cost and is it effect? California has already passed a bill that somewhat takes a little control over the situation. The health department has to give detailed document that explains ART and all the drugs, hormones and high chances of having multiple embryos. The physician Is also responsible for telling the couple or people that if they don’t follow the rules set for ART it will be consider a criminal violation. All arties involved need to get an explanation of all the risks Involved in any process.

There are even considering having a lifetime limit of how many eggs and women can sell and collect monetary values for not exceeding $5000. 00. When It comes to ART California has become proactive with situation and others states or countries should follow their leads. Some feel there should also be screening for women age, race, political affiliation, and sexuality. There are many concerns but so little research on the overall affects It poses.

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