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Finding out solutions to jobs has been an built-in portion of human life. It has been a procedure related to development of human life which has grown through ages.

We in Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir, Allahabad, strongly believe that every job has a solution. The way may be different, in different instances but if we relentlessly seek to happen out the solution, the solution will itself happen us out.

Keeping in head the present scenario of jobs in our state, particularly the unfortunate incident of Delhi, we have made attempts to distribute consciousness amongst pupils of our school. These pupils are traveling to be the torch carriers of our traditions in future. Therefore, it becomes indispensable for them to cognize about the value of our traditions and the culturally rich manner of life, that India has practiced through centuries.

Gender sensitisation is a major issue in today ‘s universe. In order to distribute gender sensitisation in our school, we had given an assignment to the pupils of standard X as one of the activities of the 4th Formative Assessment Examination. The assignment was to transport out a field study on the subject Gender Bias. Gender Bias was chosen as the subject because we feel it is high clip that this major issue be taken up by the society. The society must believe and lend towards the solutions to grudges of half of our population, that is the girls/women. This was given as an activity in standard X because we feel that this is the existent age when the pupils should get down acquiring cognizant of the jobs related to gender prejudice. The misss should be cognizant of their place in the society and male childs should be taught to honor the place of misss. Normally the male childs are brought up in a unworried mode, which gives them an feeling from the beginning, that they have an upper manus over the misss. On the other manus, misss are taught to be docile and submissive which inculcates a feeling of lower status in them. It has been an observation of a general survey that misss have excelled in their several Fieldss, for illustration, Kiran Bedi, Lata Mangeshkar, Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla, to call a few.

The aim of the activity was to do the pupils understand the fact that equality is the kernel of democracy. Democracy becomes excavate in the absence of equality. Gender equality should be the conflict call of today ‘s democratic India.

Through the activity, the pupils touched many issues related to gender equality, like instruction of misss and male childs, equal vote rights, honoring the infinite of both the genders, to be sensitive towards the jobs faced by them etc. The pupils enthusiastically carried out the study. They had prepared 10 inquiries each. Full freedom was given to the pupils to border their ain inquiries. There was no guideline given by the instructors as to what type of inquiries should be framed by the pupils. This was to guarantee that whatever inquiries from whichever country, related to gender equality come in the pupils ‘ heads, they should experience free to set up that inquiry to the society. These pupils have to fend for themselves in the hereafter. Therefore they must be given full freedom to believe, inquire and unclutter their questions and uncertainties. Their ideas should hold a natural flow. It should neither be directed nor diverted by anyone.

The pupils took those 10 inquiries to assorted people in the society like parents, siblings, neighbors, instructors, equal group etc. The pupils had gone even to people like the local tradesmans, laborers at building sites and domestic aid. It was a study that was carried out in the society as a whole which included non merely the educated elites but besides the uneducated and illiterate people. The study could merely so be complete in the existent sense when it had a balanced engagement of all the subdivisions of the society irrespective of category, credo, age or gender. The pupils were told to travel to anybody they felt like traveling to, except the really immature kids below the age of 8-10 old ages, as that is non the age when one truly thinks earnestly about these issues. More importance was given to the inquiries framed by the pupils than the replies. The replies were of import as a engagement of the society at big, whereas the inquiries projected the existent thought procedure of the pupils.

The activity was announced in the category whereafter ample clip was given to the pupils so that they could truly believe over the affair, prepare inquiries and so travel and speak to assorted people, gather their replies and give the presentation its concluding form.

The action and consciousness of the pupils was apparent in the work done by them. It was reported by the pupils that in some instances they found the people taking really active portion and giving reasonable responses ; in some instances the responses were non up to the expected grade ; there were besides some people who had ne’er thought approximately certain state of affairss. But the fact that everybody was cognizant – may be different people at different degrees – was really encouraging for the pupils. This gave them a hope and inducement to transport frontward their assignment with a batch of enthusiasm. The recent bad luck of Delhi has created a storm in the heads and Black Marias of the people and it was writ big on everybody ‘s responses. Some responses were in favor of a jurisprudence that would convey about a alteration ; yet some other responses highlighted the fact that a jurisprudence entirely can non convey about the needed alteration, unless the societal apparatus, particularly the mentality of the people is changed. In a state where gender favoritism has been a deep frozen pattern, gender equality becomes an issue which should be taken up really carefully. One incorrect measure may kick the whole thing off in an wholly wayward and black way. It would take a batch of clip and attempts, but can be eventually achieved through a alteration in the thought of the people. The overall survey revealed that a jurisprudence and its proper enactment- both are necessary in the procedure.

This was, may be a little measure taken by our school, towards the sensitive issue of gender sensitisation, but a beginning, howsoever little, has to be brought about someplace, someway. The society has to alter. The alteration can non be expected to be a sudden one, falling out of the blues like a fairy narrative. It has to be a long drawn out procedure which would necessitate forbearance, pattern, understanding, compassion and it would necessitate the engagement of one and all, in this full population of India, that runs into crores.

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Gender Sensitization in Schools

Gender sensitisation and regard towards adult female will shortly be taught in schools. Union human resource development curate M M Pallam Raju said ( on Sunday 13th January 2013 Kochi ) that he would speak to NCERT to include these facets in the national course of study model.

This comes amid lifting concern that the offenses against adult females are increasing in the state due to miss of regard for adult females.

When we were turning up, our function theoretical accounts were our parents and instructors. But today kids are exposed to telecasting, their equals and engineering and so there are multiple inputs conflicting on a kid ‘s head. So it becomes all the more of import to concentrate on gender consciousness and values through the school system.

Education plays an of import function in turn toing child matrimony. If the miss is educated, she knows what is incorrect and right for her and her household. The miss should be engaged in instruction boulder clay graduation. Right to Education ( RTE ) gives this right to each miss. This will assist her in going a good human resource.

Sanjay Mishra, member of State Commission for Protection of Child Rights ( CPCR ) , said there are many misss who are married off at a stamp age and so sold to people in different provinces. Haryana tops the list every bit far as the figure of misss being sold from Jharkhand is concerned. These misss largely come from Dumka, Deogarh, Jamtara and West Singbhum and are school dropouts. ”

RTE will turn out to be good in doing their life meaningful. “ We have besides recommended the opening up of two Kasturba Gandhi Schools in each block to the SCPCR, ” he said.

With child matrimony comes the issue of bigamy which is besides widespread here. There are many instances where the miss is non able to gestate and the hubby marries other adult females. Child matrimony is therefore non an stray issue.

It besides affects the wellness of the miss kid. She suffers from sexually transmitted diseases and is non able to manage the state of affairs. “ It ‘s of import to sensitise people instead than knocking the authorities. Premature gestation is hazardous for the wellness of both the female parent and kid.

The mental makeup of the female parent gets affected, which passes on to the kid. Every person is alone and have alone qualities, which should be taught in the schools. This is called ‘positive psychological science ‘ . A positive ego image is the demand of the hr. Gender sensitisation is needed in schools where the childs can be taught to go compassionate and good human existences.

A preparation manual of the undermentioned nature may be conceived as a future possibility for Gender Sensitization Exercises in schoolroom context:

A User ‘s Manual: — –


Discussion Subjects

Required Time

Demystifying Gender:

Introductory Exercises

Exercise 1

What defines a adult male? What

defines a adult female?

Form the category into groups of 6-8 and carry on an Open House treatment.

Take two flip-chart sheets of paper and put them up side-by-side in forepart of the

participants. On the top of one somersault chart, compose the word “ adult females ” and on the other,

“ work forces ” . Ask the inquiry: “ What are the features of adult females and work forces? ” Write down everything that is mentioned. Do non discourse anything at this point.

After the lists are completed, travel through each chart point by point. For illustration,

under the header of “ adult females ” , inquire if work forces excessively can be patient, sensitive, caringaˆ¦ ?

If so, grade that characteristic with a “ yes ” or with a “ + ” mark. Features that

can non be changed, such as, acquiring pregnant, turning a mustache etc. , should be marked with a “ no ” or a “ – ” mark.

Go through the chart entitled “ work forces ” and a similar procedure of oppugning as above.

Ask if adult females can speak aloud, be strong, etcaˆ¦Continue to tag the features

as above.

Discuss the parts sing the features of adult females and work forces

Discussion Subjects

1.5 hour

Exercise 2

How do we larn to be


Social Conditioning/

Gender Stereotypes

As you were turning up, what influences shaped your behavior as expected of a boy/girl, man/woman? Can you give specific illustrations?

What factors have brought about the alterations in consecutive coevalss?

1 hour

Exercise 3

What does gender intend in

your life? Given a opportunity, would you wish to be born a adult female or a

adult male?

Discuss specific functions people play in our home/family/society associating to gender. Note down cardinal points on the BB in a tabular format.

1 hour

Gender and Power:

Exercise 4

If I could be a adult female, I would

beaˆ¦ If I could be a adult male, I

would beaˆ¦

Let each pupil respond believing ain ego, if they belonged to the opposite gender. Power over ( coercing person to make something through usage of a place of authorization or strength. )

Power with ( making things by uniting your strength with the strengths of other

adult females and work forces. )

Power within ( one ‘s personal inner strength. )

45 min

Exercise 5

Gender and Power

What is Power? What is Gender Power? Different types of Power?

Ask participants to react rapidly and without noticing on

parts from others. It would be advisable to hold a co-facilitator to help with composing on the flip-chart sheets.

1 hour.

Exercise 6

Power between Women and Men.

In braces, ask participants to believe about the power that work forces have in relation to

adult females, and vice-versa, in the undermentioned countries:

At Home

Property Ownership

Paid Work


Pull offing Money

Geting an Education

Besides do your ain list and make up one’s mind how many subjects you want to add on.

1 hour.

Exercise 7

Violence Against Women in

your City/country

Discuss issues of, force against adult females.

Do you believe force against adult females is really a show of power and laterality?

Split participants into two groups – work forces in one group, and adult females in another.

Inform participants that they have 45 proceedingss to reply the following 3 inquiries:

How frequently does violence against adult females occur in your metropolis in public and private


What per centum of adult females and misss are capable to force?

What can local authorities do to back up victims of this force?

Group treatment for 30 proceedingss.

1.5 hour

Fuljhuri Basu

School Counsellor

Army Public School

BMC, Ballugunje, Kolkata

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