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The aim of this report was to analyze the Electronic Point-of-Sale System (EPOSES) in order to launch our new business improvement package. This report includes the information, advantages and functions of the EPOSES. Methodology Two websites were researched to find out the basic information and the popularity of using the EPOSES in the retail industry and a research result on a related system First PASS by an EPOSES service provider. The information gathered was collated and compiled. Findings

According to the information of the government website, Electronic Point-of-Sale system (EPOSES) 2. 0 Company Background Special, a handmade accessories online shop which sells ear rings, Phone cases, bracelets, necklaces and rings. All these accessories design by one of the owners Mini Chat and handmade by all owners. Owners sell their products via the website. This business base on Lain with a fair rent, which is for designing the products, meeting and storage. If the business goes as planned, after six months will signal profitability and year two will see profit by 10%. 1 Company Ownership Special is a general partnership, owned by Miss Mini Chat Hoi Shank, Miss Caroline Chin Check In, Miss Tubby Yuan Yang and Miss Cherry Sin Tool. Owners manage the business and assume the for the partnership’s debts and other obligations. 2. 3 Ownership Advantages The generally advantage of partnership is that the funding is wide and greater as it comes from more than one owner. Apart from this, partnership Is easy and Inexpensive to set up since all you need Is Just a statement but no legal or formal better than one.

If things do not work out as planned, it can solve problems quickly and easily. 2. 4 Start-up Summary special’s start-up cost includes the following equipment for the Lay factory building: office furniture (desk, file cabinet, chairs) Computer including printer Materials Equipment and tools for handmade products Rent 6. 0 Management Summary Special is owned and operated by four people, Miss Mini Chat Hoi Shank, Miss . The structure used is the functional structure as the owner take responsibility for different occupational specialties. Mini Chat is the designer of the product.

Carol Chain is in charge of the operational work and Derby takes responsibility for the advertisement and promotion. And for the finance, Cherry is responsible for it. For the other duties such as handmade the products, packaging, handle purchase orders… Etc, four owners are responsible for these. Four owners also report to one another and cooperate together. 6. 1 Personnel Plan For the first year, all the works done by the four owners. For the second year, there will be two part-time employees working thirty hours a week (six hours per day in a week of five days) at $35 per hour.

The part-time employees will work for the purchase orders from the websites and packaging of the products as well. This functional structure provides benefits like cost-timing, as everyone has the right Job to perform so it can avoid the waste the time. In addition, the quality of the work will be better as everyone Just focus on what they have to do, it is efficiency. As Special is small in nature so owners can communicate directly even they have different Job duties. It can lower argument. When Special becomes a bigger online store or shop, the functional structure will not be changed.

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