Renal Failure

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Acute renal failure: Ms. Jones’s, an elder female of 68 years, has undergone open-heart surgery to restore a number of obstructed vessels in her heart. On her first day postoperatively, it is charted that she has oliguria.

Acute Renal Failure I will describe what is happening to Ms. Jones kidneys and why it is causing the practical symptoms and other symptoms that may arise. I will also give details as to what is causing Ms. Jones kidney disease and potential treatments options and prognosis. Cause of observed symptoms

Ms. Jones has oligura which is a urine output less than 400 mL/day. This can be caused by a secondary disease such as heart failure or major trauma or surgery (Burke, Mohn-Brown, & Eby 2011, pg 768). Symptoms and Signs

There are other symptoms/signs that may occur such as edema which is caused by salt and water retention. Hypertension and heart failure may develop. Anemia may also develop which can lead to a suppressed immune function and the risk for infection (Burke, Mohn-Brown, & Eby 2011, pg 768). Causes of Kidney Disease

A rapid decline in renal function with an abrupt onset is the main cause of kidney disease. In Ms. Jones case she has prerenal which results from conditions that affect the blood supply to the kidneys. An example is heart failure (Burke, Mohn-Brown, & Eby 2011, pg 768). Treatments and Prognosis

Medication and diet management is a couple of possible treatments to help maintain fluid and electrolyte balance. Dialysis or kidney transplant is considered for more serious cases. The prognosis for Ms. Jones could be ARF secondary to heart failure due to excess fluid volume and risk for infection (Burke, Mohn-Brown, & Eby 2011, pg 768).

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