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You are configuring your computer to dial up to the Internet. What protocol should you use?

Which of the following are characteristics of TACACS +?
Allowing for a possible of three different servers, one each for authentication, authorization, and accounting.
Uses TCP.

Which of the following is a platform independent authentication system that maintains a database of user accounts and passwords that centralizes the maintenance of those accounts?

You want to set up a service to allow multiple users to dial in to the office server from modems on their home computers. What service should you implement?

You have decided to implement a remote access solution that uses multiple remote access servers. You want to implement RADIUS to centralize remote access authentication and authorization.
Which of the following would be a required part of your configuration?
Configure the remote access servers as RADIUS clients.

You have just signed up for Internet access using a local provider that gives you a fiber optic line into your house. From there, the Ethernet and wireless connections are used to create a small network within your home.
Which of the following protocols would be used to provide authentication, authorization, and accounting for the Internet connection?

Which of the following are differences between RADIUS and TACACS+?
Radius combines authentication and authorization into a single function. TACAS+ allows these services to be split between different servers.

Which of the following are methods for providing centralized authentication, authorization, and accounting for remote access?

Which of the following protocols or services is commonly used on cable Internet connections for user authentication?

You often travel away from the office. While traveling, you would like to use a modem on your laptop computer to connect directly to a server in your office and access files on that server that you need.
You want the connection to be as secure as possible. Which type of connection will you need?
Remote access

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