Reliability of Service Delivery for a House Cleaning Business

Reliability is a key component of quality service delivery. A house cleaning business achieves service reliability if the service delivered meets the client’s specifications or expectations. Therefore, a number of measures can be taken to ensure that all the factors of production are brought together to achieve reliability of service delivery. A clear understanding of a client’s specification requirements is paramount for the marketing manager of a house cleaning business.

Armed with the knowledge of what the customer wants, a manager would find it easier to put together appropriate resources towards the output of reliable service as perceived by his/her clients. Secondly, the manager would do well to use resources at his disposal to assemble a team of competent professionals for the house cleaning business. Clients will only be satisfied with the job done if the personnel doing it are well skilled and equipped.

Therefore, the cleaning equipment to be used will have to meet standards that make it possible for the firm to reliably deliver its services. A manager may create an oversight role to monitor the service rendering process to ensure total compliance with the set standards to meet client’s specification requirements (castlepointe, n. d). The manager should come up with a system that helps identify areas open to faults or errors in the service delivery process.

Human errors or faulty equipment always stand in the way of delivering reliable service to clients. Mechanisms should be put in place to correct any human errors or faults in the production process so that quality of service is not compromised. Indeed service reliability can only be achieved if its quality meets clients’ expectations. If the service production process is well managed and organized, it will be easier for a house cleaning business to satisfy its clients.