Relative Clauses Exercises Essay

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L. Fill the gaps using who, which, whose, where, when. 1. This is the man 2. The house saved the kid. Windows are open is beautiful. 3. The writer wrote that article won the Nobel Prize. 4. He bought a car runs fast. 5. He was wearing a cap 6. That is the woman was black. Complained about the room service. 7. This is the park we first met. Do you remember? 8. I’m looking for a person surname begins with a “k”. 9. The man, professor, forgot his umbrella. 10.

The children, are not from our school. 11. Smog is the thing and smoke, or pollution. 12. 1914 is the year started. II. Rewrite the sentences using relative clauses 1- A lion is an animal. It is very strong. A novelist is a person. He writes novels. A bottle opener is a device. It opens bottles. The girl speaks Chinese. Her mother writes poems. Father is a shouted in the street, is a combination of fog the First World War 2- 3- 4- 5_ A detective is someone.

He discovers the truth about crimes. 6- I bought a house. It was advertised in the local paper. Venice is a wonderful place. We spent our last holiday there. 8- My sister has won a DVD player. Her children love watching films. They’ve sold the grocery. I used to go shopping there. II- The woman called the police. Her car had been stolen. 11- This is the station. Emily and James met in this station. 12- My friend suddenly knocked the door last night. My friend doesn’t have a cellophane.

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