Regulation and Minimum Standards

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Typical duties in my placement Is include supervising the children’s play, provide play related activities, organizing the hillside’s meals and taking care of their personal needs. I am responsible for feeding the children’s, reading stories for them and observing children behavior. I’m allowed to carry the children on outings and to the park. I also need to have good skills like being able to communicate and listen to the children, expressive and creative so the children could enjoy the play time with me.

All the personal have to be organized and practical like Inn trying my best to be flexible within working practices of the setting. Undertaking other responsible duties where needed, such as domestic tasks, preparation of snack meals, cleansing of equipments. These are all key priorities reflected in my placement. 1. 2 Identify standards that influence the way your own role is carried out within your setting, provide actual work products, (information you receive at your introduction with your manager). There are many standards that are put to ensure that my role Is carried out well.

These Include these codes of practice: Internal polices and procedures Legislation- Health and safety at work act 1974 National Minimum Standards – for example National Minimum Standards for Care Homes for Older People. National Occupational Standards – regarding quality of care, lubrication of careers. ‘ have to follow safety procedures to keep my workplace clean, tidy and safe for all staff and children,l need to know how the different policies and procedures used In my work setting impact on my work role.

Following them carefully I can ensure that I am working to the expected legal and regulatory standards. It is the key law affecting the health and safety rights and responsibilities for everybody in my workplace. I make sure that everything is put away and stored correctly after it has been used. When preparing food or drink I ensure I acknowledge all children’s dietary requirement to ensure I am not giving a child something they are allergic to or Just not allowed due to parents preference. . 3 describe ways to ensure that personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct the quality of your work. I follow the codes of practice, regulations, minimum standards and national occupational standards to ensure that my personal attitudes and beliefs so not In my work place I keep my beliefs and personal attitudes to myself as part of policies and procedures. Standards may include.

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