Reflective piece on clinical skill

Length: 205 words

I began by Introducing myself as the ruse letting my patient know I was going to be feeding her today. According to Sully & Dallas (2005) our first encounter with a patient can be crucial for the therapeutic relationship to continue therefore introducing yourself is imperative thus I continued to communicate with the patient in a friendly manner. I placed the food tray on the table along side the patient. I proceeded to clean my hands with the alcohol rub before I sat down in front of the patient. I asked the patient would she prefer to start with the yogurt or the biscuits. The patient decided to start with the yogurt.

What were my feelings As I sat outside reading over my scenario my first thought was a happy thought as I am a mother to two children to whom I have feed through their infancy therefore I felt very calm, When I introduced myself to the patient I was feeling confident until I realizes I never washed my hands before I placed the tray along side the patient when thought about it I started to feel self conscious but could not dwell on the fact and continued to addressers the patient in a polite manner.

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