Reflective Essay on Developing Reading Skills

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I’m lost Into my mind with thoughts and words. After all the writing we have done I feel Like Eve ran out of words to say. What will be my next step? How will I approach it? As I’m writing this I’m thinking “Wow, the first semester is really about to end, almost half the year is gone. ” If I were to ask you, what is your favorite thing to do in English what would you say? Well if you ask me, my answer would be writing because I can express my feelings and opinions freely. Words are scrambled on my paper as if you were playing a board game. “POP!

POP! ” the sound of the black belt swinging back and forth. She couldn’t take it anymore. The beatings got intense. The purpose of this line is to show how powerful the action started and also how the black belt was strong enough that she felt like she had the urge to do something about It. In writing the purpose of It Is to reflect on what I have learned throughout the whole first semester. As the first semester Is ending I would Like to say this half of the year has been stressful but It paid off towards the end. All of this work helps me prepare for the STATS and also to prepare for college

During the first semester we have read many short stories. Learned many techniques to become a strong reader. Strategies such as annotating the text, circling words you don’t understand , looking for literary elements that includes imagery, point of view, context clues, characterization and theme. If you’re reading a Persuasive essay that’s different because being persuasive means to be convincing reason or speech that sways someone opinion. In a persuasive essay you look for a claim (arguments plea for change, and evidence such as statistics. This helps me become a better reader and understanding the text more often.

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