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This incident taught me about how it doesn’t pay off if you want to save a bit of money in the first place. It also relates to the work that I do because in the future I want to be a Job superintendent and this Incident really showed me how saving but cheeping out In the beginning can save you money but It Is not going to pay off In the long run because of all the fines you will have to pay. Safety should be the company’s number one concern and full attention should be paid towards it because there always needs to be a safe workplace. If you are safe you save from workman’s com claims and so on.

Tell me three things you learned In HARM. Three Important things that I learned In HARM were to keep the workplace safe, how good performance appraisals are, and what kind of questions are to be asked in an interview situation. Keeping the workplace safe should be a number one priority when it comes to any work with machinery or not. Workers that have a safe organized workplace to do their Job in are much more productive and more likely

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to love the work that they do because they feel safe when they are performing work tasks. Performance appraisals are very Important to the employee and the company that hey are working for.

Appraisals let the employee and companies know how the worker is doing and what needs to be worked on. I also learned that you cannot prepare for appraisals the week before you are evaluated, you must start preparing and showing your workmanship from the first day you walk in that door. If not you are going to have a bad appraisal and a bad appraisal can severely affect your Job. The third thing I learned In HARM was what kind of questions can be asked in an Interview setting. This was very enlightening to me because I TLD realize how much gray area there is with interview questions.

I learned that the only questions that can be asked have to be related to the job and the Job description. No personal questions can be asked. This makes it tough because the interviewer needs to be careful with what type of questions that can be asked. I also learned that a Job needs to be offered before the employer can ask for a pre-employment test. One goal that I accomplished in this class was learning how to deal with employees that are not contributing to your company. This seems like it would be a hard task not knowing what to do, but after having this class I know exactly what to o.

The way to deal with an employee that is not contributing is to evaluate them with a performance appraisal, this way it won’t be your word against the employees, and you will have a written document to back yourself up. I believe that if an employee is being appraised and knows it he or she will step their game up greatly, and if not this gives you grounds to terminate the employee. On the other hand if you have and outstanding employee you must listen to what they say and take every suggestion into account when they are offering them.

The reason for this is because he employee has the first hand experience and knows what is going on out on the job. Things might look good on paper but when it comes to the actual work you might be missing something. Over all I would like to say that this class was very educational, I learned a lot about managing people and using their abilities where I see best fit, I learned how to deal with an employee that is not contributing to the company, I learned about performance appraisals, and many more useful things. In the future if I ever start my own construction company I will know what and how to manage employees thanks to this class.

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