Reflection of the Poem My mind is like a mirror Essay

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Reflection of the Poem “My Mind is Like a Mirror”

I selected the poem “My Mind is Like a Mirror” because it was my favorite piece. It isn’t the best, but I liked it because it is the first poem I have ever written and let someone else read that wasn’t superficial. Every other poem I have written for school was funny and told a story, but didn’t tell the reader anything about me. In this poem, I actually wrote about how I don’t like to let people in, or show a lot of emotion to anyone. I was a bit of a challenge, turning in that paper even though I knew hardly anyone would read it, so for me, this poem represents a step forward.

This piece is actually a lot better than most of the other poetry I’ve written, and is much better than the other poetry I’ve written and turned in. I didn’t put of doing it until the last minute like I do with most things, which is probably why. I also spent some time revising it, to make it sound better. I think I had three or four other people read this poem, and they all said they liked it.

I think if anyone learns anything from reading my portfolio it will be that the more you read and write, the better you write, so, like anything else, you need to practice in order to be able to write well. This is made evident because what I wrote gets better as I got older, and had written more. What I learned was that it

is harder to keep a portfolio then you might think, because you have to hold onto your old assignments, requiring you to be organized, which was never a strong point of mine. Also, I have learned that re-reading and revising old assignments can help you on future assignments.


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