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This assignment will foreground how domestic force can be reduced in the London borough of Barking and Dagenham. It will concentrate on what services are already available at that place to contend domestic force in the borough, what will be done to better those services which are already available and what could be developed farther, it will discourse how these alterations will be promoted. This assignment will discourse the challenges that will be faced while seeking to implement these alterations.

The borough of Barking and Dagenham is located in the North East of London. It has a population of about 163,000 and a geographical country of 8,877 estates including 67,000 places ( Contentss about the Barking and Dagenham country, 2009 ) .

Definitions of specific hard words or constructs particularly the function of the person, alteration agent

Domestic force is any incident of endangering behavior, force or maltreatment ( psychological, physical, sexual, fiscal or emotional ) between spouses or household members, irrespective of gender or gender ( Hester and Westmarland, 2005 ) . The borough has one of the highest rates of domestic force across London with 4,506 incidents which were reported to the Police in 2009/10. Covering with domestic force is one of the cardinal precedences for the Community Safety Partnership in the Council of Barking and Dagenham. Domestic force histories for 22 % of notifiable offenses in Barking and Dagenham, and hence poses a serious concern for alteration ( Barking and Dagenham Domestic Violence Forum, 2009 ) . Domestic force affects all societal groups, i.e. adult females, work forces, kids, homosexual etc ( Hegarty and Taft 2001 ) . But, adult females are affected more in this borough with 77 % victims of domestic force in this borough.

Domestic force has to be addressed because it is a wellness issue which can hold an tremendous consequence on people & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s mental wellness. It is now good accepted that maltreatment ( both in childhood and in big life ) is frequently one of the major factor in the development of depression, anxiousness and other mental wellness upsets, and may take to kip perturbations, self-destruction and attempted self-destruction, self-harm, substance abuse and eating upsets ( Golding 1999, Humphreys et al 2003 ) . Children who are affected with domestic force are at increased hazard of behavioral jobs, emotional injury, and mental wellness troubles when they grow up ( Hester et al 2000 ) . Physical hurts are besides common and these include contusions, fractured castanetss, internal hurts and abortions.

The Service Improvement will be turn toing ( drumhead of Presentation )

In Barking and Dagenham, there has been an debut of the East London Perpetrator programme which was established towards the terminal of 2006 with neighboring boroughs Newham and Waltham Forest as an option to cut down repeated offense. However, the statistics show that there seems to be less or no decrease in domestic force. Despite the fact that many people have the same beliefs that victims of domestic force must be helped, no 1 talks about assisting culprits of domestic force and if they do at all, many will desire the culprits to be prosecuted.

However, the truth is that culprits of domestic force besides need aid. Many people do non look to understand that in the same manner the culprit is besides a victim of fortunes which would hold made an impact in his life when he was rather immature such as an opprobrious and violent relationship between his parents or himself being abused when he was immature either by his parents or relation. It can besides be due to civilization that violent work forces claim that in their civilization, adult females have an inferior function, and the usage of force is endorsed to maintain adult females in line. Some culprits accuse the legal system for trying to destruct their civilization. It is of import to keep cultural traditions and beliefs, but this can be done without force or maltreatment.

In the multi-cultural borough of barking and Dagenham, Perpetrators of force may wrongly warrant their disfunction in a figure of ways which include civilization and faith. Unfortunately, their logical thinking may even convert victims that they are deserving to be beaten because of civilization. The feeling of shame for the victims of maltreatment becomes a signifier of societal control designed to protect maltreaters ( Haider, 2002 ) , while female subjugation is frequently wrongly justified by work forces on the footing of spiritual and cultural beliefs ( Rahim, 2000 ) .

The engagement of spiritual leaders in educating people and raising consciousness about domestic force is really important in the borough of Barking and Dagenham because these spiritual leaders are really influential to their followings. Another ground why spiritual leaders should be used as a tool in combat and raising consciousness about domestic force is that most maltreaters attend idolizing topographic points and hence if the massage is preached about domestic force, it would be making out to a big Numberss of the community.

Therefore the borough of barking and Dagenham will concentrate on candidacy for Muslim leaders and other church curates to work towards cut downing domestic force incidents against adult females through the development of educational plans which will be designed to alter cultural attitudes and beliefs of Perpetrators of force against adult females. These plans will authorise adult females at different degrees by raising their consciousness about the available services in the community, heightening their cognition about their legal and societal rights, every bit good as about the manner bing services operate. If culprits of domestic force have relationship jobs with a spouse, they will be taught how to near the spouse without being opprobrious focussing on spiritual values because the nucleus values expressed in the universe & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s major faiths relate closely to human right rules. Islam views human life as a sacred gift from God, so the life of single regardless of gender age, nationality deserves respect ( Witte et el. 1996 ) .

In order to alter the behavior of those responsible for domestic force and to accomplish a decrease in repetition exploitation, it is of import that more resources must be focussed upon the culprits of this offense. And to accomplish this, there will be proviso of free legal representation for victims of domestic force in the borough and this legal system will guarantee that the result of those who pursue a condemnable justness is rapid and effectual.

How these alterations will be resisted? Addressing the opposition!

Some victims of domestic force in this borough will defy this alteration because adult females who get abused may see domestic force as an acceptable behavior due to beliefs of their civilization. They would defy alteration because they think that it is the lone manner to continue their matrimony. Educating and raising consciousness to the victims of domestic force that force is an unacceptable behavior and alteration is the lone manner frontward.

Not merely victims will seek to defy this alteration but

How these alterations will be promoted?

Any other issues?


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