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Executive Summary A company that aimed to recruit trainees must be responsible enough to accommodate the task correctly. But despite of desiring smooth process they faced sudden problem or problems unexpectedly that needed to be addressed.

The incomplete set of manuals and the furnished copies of them were the problem being encountered here because how can you performed an orientation if the paraphernalia’s were insufficient and disorganized, this won’t be effective and never be a benefit for the company. Thus, as early as possible prepare the materials ahead of time and be sure to put everything in order to avoid conflicts and hindrances.Robins First Recruitment Endeavor at ABC, Inc A newly hired – recruiter wanted to impress his employer for having his first recruitment attempt his name was Carl Robins. Though it was not that easy, he pursued his plan. He gave employment to 15 new trainees to render their service to the Operations Supervisor, Monica Carrolls by July.

He also guaranteed her that everything would be settled in time regarding the training schedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug tests, and a host of other issues for the new hires. He was so confident that everything goes accordingly to his purpose.But as he finalized the documents of the new trainees, he found out that there were incomplete requirements and even the orientation manuals were not organized. To avoid further frustration, he decided to relax and walk for a while, and then suddenly, he thought to check the training room for orientation without expecting that his co – employee already reserved the place for the whole month of June for another training seminar. In my own opinion, there will be a big problem in the part of the recruiter because of the things that were happening to the company.It showed that he was irresponsible and negligent.

Aside from that, the situation came into view that he didn’t follow – up the new trainees regarding the completion of their requirements and even the preparation of the important paraphernalia’s needed in the upcoming orientation. There will be a problem also towards his colleagues, first, to his superior because she was expecting the reporting of the new trainees by July and the conflict of the schedule in the venue because somebody already got the slot for the whole month of June.One more thing was that how can they fix the program accordingly if they have the same schedule? These problems occurred because of the improper notification to the people involved about the upcoming event, being relax that everything will be fine without doing something for the progress of the plan, organizing the materials needed for the training and preparing the venue of the event. In any problem, there is always a solution. The first alternative way out to one of the problems was he must contact all the newly – hired trainees with urgency for documents completion and medical requirement.The solution for the second problem is that he must complete the manuals by furnishing the missing pages of them and producing sufficient numbers of instruction book His predicament in the venue can be solved by approaching first the concerned person from the technology services for possible rescheduling of the computer training seminars for the new database software implementation but if it won’t work out, he must look for another place for the training session.

The fourth possible solution was to report and admit to his superior that he wasn’t able to prepare everything appropriately all the necessary things needed in the orientation.These are the possible alternatives in the given problem but I would reject the third solution regarding the venue because he still has more time to scout for another venue and reserve it as soon as possible. The last possible option can be turned down also because he can patch up everything and resolved the problem on his own way first without bringing it up to his superior because he still has time to organize and deal with it. If he won’t disregard the fourth solution there will be a tendency of negative impression to his part knowing that he was just starting to build his career to the company.The proposed solution that I recommend among the alternative solutions was that he must complete the manuals by furnishing the missing pages of them and producing sufficient numbers of instruction books because having complete set of the informative paraphernalia’s may help the trainees to understand, be equipped and be informed on how to manage themselves on the system of the company. He must focus his attention to the orientation itself because through this the people that they will hire, if properly trained and oriented, may become an effective and efficient employees or workers, this may benefit the company.

Pfau and Kay (2002) wrote the following: In today’s business environment, the pace is lightning fast. The competition is tough, smart, and coming from every direction. Those who succeed, in the end, will do so because of the talent they put on the field. Companies without creativity, performance, and problem solving at every level of the organization will never even get into the game.

The problem: that critical talent is in short supply. As a result, recruiting has never had a more significant upside—or a more devastating downside.When companies get the right people in place, there is no telling how high the profits will go. But when they miss the mark on human capital, they will be unceremoniously left in the dust. The requirements can be settled during the process of orientation. This won’t give the trainees of an idea of backing up simply because they didn’t able to accomplish the requirements because of the limited time.

I believe that these people were talented and capable enough for the position because they passed the recruitment process.These trainees were needed by the company to help them developed and succeed in the business venture that’s why they are required to be trained and be prepared for the advantage of the company. According to —Bill Gates, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft Corporation “Take our twenty best people away, and I can tell you that Microsoft would become an unimportant company. ” Conclusion There are many problems being encountered in a company towards the superior, colleagues, the venue, materials, documents accomplishment and sometimes the management.In this document, the key problem that needed to be resolved was the materials needed for the orientation because the lacking or incomplete paraphernalia’s may delay the program.

That’s why; it must be prepared ahead of time. The proposed solution that I suggest was that the person concerned must work double time in completing the manuals by furnishing the missing pages of them and producing sufficient numbers of instruction books because having complete set of the informative paraphernalia’s may help the trainees to understand, be equipped and be informed on how to manage themselves on the system of the company.The company must look for the employees who are responsible, alert and organized to their jobs for the welfare and progress of the company.Reference Pfau.

B, & Kay I. (2002) The Human Capital Edge: 21 People Management Practices Your Company Must Implement (or Avoid) to Maximize Shareholder Value The McGraw-Hill Companies https://ecampus. phoenix. edu/content/eBookLibrary2.

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