Recommendations for the Best Interests of a Child Essay

Ted and Joanna Kramer have been married for six old ages before she decided to go forth him and their boy Billy. She believes that she is unfit to go on being a female parent and has decided to coerce her hubby into taking attention of their kid by merely go forthing. Mr. Kramer had been nescient of the depression that has gripped his married woman through more than half of their married life because he was excessively busy with his occupation. Both male parent and boy were trusting that Mrs. Kramer would come back but hebdomads turned to months and she would merely compose letters.

Meanwhile. Mr. Kramer and the kid have been able to set up their ain relationship and modus operandis. They grew fond of each other and have learned to set more attempt in maintaining their bond stronger. On the other manus. Mrs. Kramer had transferred to another province and has been undergoing therapy. Upon recognizing that she does hold dignity. she decided to come back to work in New York and battle for detention. Mr. Kramer is every bit determined to maintain the kid because he was non certain if his married woman was stable plenty to truly take attention of their boy.

Recommendation The tribunal must guarantee that its determination would be for the best involvements of Billy Kramer who is now seven old ages old. Upon scrutiny of the state of affairs and both parties’ relationship to each other. the recommendation is for both parents to portion legal detention of the kid. Physical detention shall be entirely granted to the male parent. Ted Kramer. Joanna Kramer shall be allowed trial rights. Recommendations are based on the undermentioned grounds: 1.

Although both parents show great fondness for their boy. the absence of a lovingness male parent at place may be peculiarly tough for a male child ; those who see small of their male parents during their childhoods and have no replacement male presence in their lives may subsequently hold problem devising and maintaining friends. ( Eisenberg. et. Al. . 1996. p. 792 ) 2. Although records from Mrs. Kramer’s psychologist show. her positive response to therapy. about six old ages of depression can non be solved in simply 15 months. It would be wise for Mrs.

Kramer to derive more apprehension of herself and her ain demands before she takes detention of their kid. 3. Billy Kramer has already established a day-to-day modus operandi with his male parent and this has helped this kid header with the distressing absence of his female parent. Should the tribunal decide to allow Joanna Kramer full detention. this shall deracinate Billy from the life style he has already gotten used to and may impact him negatively. 4. Joint legal detention in this instance shall be needed to back up the child’s needs. Mrs. Kramer’s wage is higher than Mr.

Kramer’s and Billy would profit most if both parents can supply his demands financially. 5. The impact of alteration on the kid must be taken into consideration. When parents live far off. it can be difficult for kids to keep a feeling of continuity between both of their places. ( Davis & A ; Keyser. 1997. p. 391 ) 6. In general. detention Torahs and determinations favor continued and frequent contact between the kid and both parents. every bit good as an on-going function for both parents in the elevation of their kids. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. healthline. com/galecontent/child-custody-laws ) Visitation rights for Mrs.

Kramer can assist Billy experience secure about his household and ego. Evaluation has been done to guarantee the child’s involvement and hence. the recommendation is for both parents to portion legal detention ; Mr. Kramer be granted full physical detention ; and Mrs. Kramer be granted trial rights. Mentions Davis. L. & A ; Keyser. J. ( 1997 ) . Becoming the Parent You Want to Be. Broadway Books New York. p. 391. Eisenberg. A. . Murkoff. H. E. & A ; Hathaway. S. E. ( 1996 ) . What To Expect The Toddler Years. Workman Printing New York p. 792. Retrieved May 11. 2007 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. healthline. com/galecontent/child-custody-laws

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