Recognizing Laboratory Safety

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The purpose of this lab is to stay safe no matter what you’re doing in

lab. You may be working with dangerous materials such as glass or acid.


I am following the procedure described in pages 21-24 in the Biology Laboratory



Does not apply to this lab

Answers to Questions:

1. The flask symbol means glassware safety. Glassware can be broken easily.

2. The goggle symbol means that you are working with fire. It is extremely

important to protect yourself from fire.

3. The hand symbol signifies that you are to wear heat-resistant gloves.

4. The bottle with the crossbones on it means chemical safety. Whenever you see

this symbol, you know that you will be working with possibly dangerous chemicals.

5. The eye symbol signifies that you will be working with objects that could be

hazardous to your eyes

6. The razor blade symbol signifies that you will be working with sharp objects.

You should always be careful when working with sharp objects.

7. An electrical plug symbol means that you will be using electricity in your

lab. Never touch an electrical socket or appliance with wet hands.

8. The symbol that looks like a duck means that you will be working with live


Analysis and Conclusion:

1. The person is not wearing safety goggles and he isn’t really paying close

attention. Safety goggles are vital when you are working with fire.

2. She is pointing the vial towards herself. Whenever you are working with

heating liquids, the vial should never pointing towards you.

3. The person is heating a liquid with a top on the beaker. Whenever you are

heating a substance, there should never be a top on the liquid.

4. The lady is drinking out of the beaker. You should never do that. You also

should never eat at a lab station


In this lab, I learned what certain signs mean. I also learned about situations

that could happen in the lab, and what to do if they occur. If in the future, I

see this sign:, I know to wear protective goggles

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