REC 440 – Assault + Battery and Crisis Management

Criminal Assault and Battery
A crime
Civil Assault and Battery
Intentional tort
Elements of Assault
Intent to cause harm, lack of consent by plaintiff
Involves any unwanted or offensive physical contact
Reckless Misconduct
Intent to commit the act but no intent to harm the plaintiff
Avoidable/Preventable Crisis
Service/product failure, transportation mishap, criminal conduct, participant mistreatment
Unavoidable Crisis
Natural disasters, bomb threats, hazardous material incidents, terrorist attacks
Goals of a Crisis Management Plan
Public safety, prevent Crisis from damaging organizations, ability to achieve its goals, finances
Steps of the Plan
Developing, Communicating, Documenting
Crowd Management
Should be included as part of risk management Plan! Includes outsourcing, uniformed or off duty law enforcement
Changes in operational procedures of crowd management
Physical security measures, central monitoring, security systems, evacuation plan

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