Reasons for Not Pursuing a Higher Education

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Some people believe that getting a higher education is worth the possible debt no matter what because they believe they will be making a better life for heir families, or they will be guaranteed higher paying jobs. However, a recent report released by Minute in April of 2014, states the percentage of consumers who think student loans are a good investment dropped from 54% in 2012 to just 20% in 2014. (Andrea 2014) Danville Andrea stated in 2014, “Minute surveyed 2,217 Americans 18 and older. ” (Andrea 2014) Even with a higher education, not everyone can afford their loan payments, because they are so high. In 2012, the majority of respondents were paying less than $300 a month (79%), and only 21% had payments over that amount. Two years later, half of respondents had monthly payments of $300 or less, and the percentage paying more than 5300 every month increased to 30%. Furthermore, 5% were actually paying more than $1 ,OHO. ” (Andrea 2014) Some people believe that having a higher education will guarantee a higher paying job, but that is not true. There are people I personally know whom have great jobs, and they did not pursue a higher education to get them.

Even with having a higher education, you are not guaranteed a higher paying job. Some people feel that because they will have to work their way up to the pop either way, there is no point in pursuing a higher education. More and more businesses are looking for more employees with experience over employees whom just have a degree. Some want their employees to have both a degree and experience. Some businesses will even pay for their employees to get a degree if their employees choose to, giving them the opportunity to advance to higher paying positions, for the employees dedication to their job.

A lot Of people believe a person has to have a degree to be successful, but some of the most successful people in business did not complete a higher education (Williams 2012). Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard University and went on to become the co-founder of Microsoft. He is now America’s richest man and as of November 1 1, 2014 has a real time net worth of 82. 4 billion dollars. (Forbes 2014) Mark Seersucker also dropped out of Harvard university and went on to become the founder of Faceable. His real-time worth is 32. Billion dollars as of November 11, 2014. (Forbes 2014) Michael Dell dropped out of the University of Texas: Austin and went on to create Dell, Inc. He has a real-time net worth of 21. 6 billion dollars as of November 11, 2014. (Forbes 2014) These are just a few Of many successful people who do tot have degrees. In conclusion, success can be achieved without a degree, not being guaranteed a higher paying job and the possible debts incurred are just a few of many reasons people choose not to pursue a higher education.

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