Realscam Ponzi Buster Forum Under Attack From Banners Broker

It seems like the crooks from Banners Broker, a Ponzi scheme which has been exposed by Realscam and currently in the process of collapse, are pretty bad loosers. Realscam has been under DDoS attacks several times during the past weeks and at this moment they are still under attack. Until now it was not clear who is behind this attack, but now it is pretty obvious that the Banners Broker people are behind it.

It seems like the attacker managed to get access to the code of the websites software and implemented some redirection script. Now everyone who is accessing Realscam through Google after he has entered any Banners Broker related search term gets redirected to some advertising website. It most likely generates a few cent for those crooks every time someone hist that page. And you can expect that the traffic is huge!

If you search for any other topic on Realscam through Google and access the Realscam website, you don’t get redirect. It really only happens with Banners Broker related keywords. At the moment it seems like this crack has been fixed by Realscam’s administrator. This incident is one more proof for the fact that Banners Broker is all but no legit company. It is a Ponzi scheme, operated by criminals.

According to one of my contacts Banners Broker is currently investigated by the SEC and by Canadian authorities. So one thing is for sure: The days for Banners Broker are counted, and not only in a cash flow point of view.

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