Real Estate- Marketing regulations (Purchase and Rental)

4 pCi/L
The is the EPA action level for the mitigation of radon
This federal law taxed the petroleum industry and created a national inventory of hazardous waste sites
Inducing owners to sell or rent now because a minority is moving into the neighborhood.
Housing built prior to this year may contain lead-based paint
An illegal cat of a lender refusing to negotiate a loan of the geographic location of the property
Environmental Site Assessments to identify potential or existing environmental problems.
Directing buyers into or out of a neighborhoods based on a protected class.
Civil rights act of 1866
The federal law that makes it illegal to discriminate because of race in real estate transactions.
A radioactive gas that is produced by the natural decay of raidum
The CAN-SPAM act allows a find of up to this amount for sending unsolicited emails.
18 months
The time frame that the do-not-call laws allow a licensee of the listing brokerage firm to call a pervious client.
The law requires Cradle to Grave management of this substance
Building codes
The code set a minimum standard for construction
Certificate of occupancy
Issued when construction meets code.
Stigmatized peroperty
A property that is undesirable because of an event that has occurred there or in a surrounding property.
10 days
The time frame that the CAN-Spam laws requires that an opt-out request to be honored
Friable ACMs
Any material that contains more than 1% asbestos and will crumble when dry
Abandoned factories, former dry cleaners, and vacant gas stations are examples of theses types of properties
3 years
The time frame that lead-based paint disclosure form must be kept
Material fact
Information that if known, could change the decision of the party.

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