real estate marketing final terms

Bringing buyers and sellers together perspective
views the agent as being removed from the negotiation process. The agent finds a buyer (and/or a home) and facilities the negotiation between the buyer and seller. The agent does not care who wins or loses the negotiation as long as a sale is consummated
Coming to a reasonable conclusion perspective
some aspects of a contract negotiation may be win-win while other aspects are win-lose. Agents provide the advise necessary to effectively represent their client and hopefully achieve a contract that is to the benefit of their client.
Contingency that the buyer’s home must sell before closing
a clause in a sales contract that allows the buyer to cancel the contract if their home did not sell before the contract closing date
Counter Offer
a response to an offer which is also a new offer
estimated net from sale
an estimate of what the seller of a property will gain (or lose) on a transaction after all direct costs are paid
financing contingency
a clause in a slaes contract that voids the contract if the purchaser cannot obtain a mortgage loan
home value (appraisal) contingency
a clause in a sales contract that allows the buyer to negate the contract if the home fails to appraise at the offer price (or higher)
keep it balanced
if one of the parties makes a concession in a negotiation then the other party will also make a similarly important concession
low ball offer
an offer significantly below market price
purchase offer
a written and signed offer to purchase a specific property
split the difference
a negotiation response which offers to split the price difference between the buyer and the sellers written offers
win-win negotiation
both the buyer and the seller come out ahead on the negotiation. The negotiation involves give and take, but both parties benefit from the decision and neither becomes the loser
win-lose negotiation
one party wins at the expense of the others involved in the negotiation
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