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Pueblo society was noted for its __________.
intensive agriculture and unified community goals
What event started a huge influx of whites into Indian territory?
the Sand Creek Massacre
The leader of the Sand Creek Massacre, John Chivington, was __________.
a Methodist minister
Which state/territory had the greatest percentage of its area as Indian reservation land in the mid-1890s?
The Treaty of Fort Laramie __________.
required the United States to abandon routes traveling through Sioux territory
Which statement about the Sand Creek Massacre is true?
The Cheyenne were killed because they were war-like.
Although the Fort Laramie Treaty created several years of peace, eventually __________ violated the treaty terms
the Northern Pacific Railroad
An American force commanded by George A. Custer was overwhelmed during the __________.
Battle of the Little Bighorn
The Sioux were finally defeated __________.
because they had to divide up their forces to hunt for food
It took 5,000 U.S. troops to capture 36 Apaches led by __________.
What happened at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, in 1890?
At least 200 Sioux men, women, and children were slaughtered.
The first large gold rush in the Rocky Mountains occurred in __________.
the mountains of Colorado
The last gold rush came in 1874 in the mining camp of __________.
The population of western mining towns was overwhelmingly __________.
Which statement about prostitutes in mining towns is true?
As men came to control vice trade, many prostitutes suffered alcoholism and violence.
The male-dominated nature of mining towns made __________ popular businesses.
Which group suffered from the most prejudice in mining towns?
Chinese Americans
The increase in railroad building and mining helped to accelerate the development of what industry?
Which of the following qualified as a cow town?
The Chisholm Trail was used to __________.
drive cattle northward
Which group was not associated with the “cowboys”?
Irish-Americans who left urban areas in the East
The right to “maverick” cattle meant __________.
putting your own brand on unmarked animals
In the Southwest, many Hispanics herded __________ on communal pastures.
The Homestead Act __________.
guaranteed free acres of land to citizens who farmed the land for five years
Today, Native Americans rank __________ on most measures of economic well-being.
at the bottom
Why did the Northwest foster rich and complex Indian societies?
resources were abundant
Which statement best describes the cultures of the tribes that lived throughout the West?
A wide spectrum of tribes had successfully adapted their lives to a variety of environments.
A common element among all tribes of the West was their __________.
belief that nature was to be shared and not privately owned
What statement best describes General Philip Sheridan’s views on Indian resistance?
“Looking at the situation, how could anyone expect the Indians to react in any other way?”
White reformers believed that __________.
Indians should be assimilated by teaching them to be Christians
One of the reasons that whites destroyed the buffalo herds was __________.
buffalo were seen as obstructions to railway traffic
Effects of the Dawes Act included __________.
more Indian land being owned by whites
Which of the following statements is true about the typical mining town?
as towns developed, local agriculture and transportation decreased
Mining eventually became a corporate operation because __________.
massive capital investment in equipment was conducive to financial success
The development of mining technology resulted in __________.
less use of skilled labor
Poor conditions for miners resulted in __________.
widespread unionization movements by miners
Violence and conflict often erupted between miners and mine owners due to __________.
conditions caused by the industrialization of mining
Joseph McCoy made an important decision when he __________.
established a northern shipping point for cattle in Abilene, Kansas
El Paso, Texas, became a major town when it __________.
built upon its existence as a center of shipping for cattle
The corporate cattle boom collapsed because __________.
corporations overstocked ranges, which caused ecological disaster
Farming in the West __________.
required a much larger scale of farming to achieve success
Railway companies encouraged settlers to come to the West __________.
so they would grow food that could be transported on rail lines
Which statement would have most likely been said by a member of Las Gorras Blancas?
“We raid at night, if needed, to stop the Anglo encroachment on our land.”
Many farmers of the Great Plains turned to growing wheat because __________.
it was more resistant to drought than corn
In the 1880s, western farmers were plagued by severe drought and __________.
protective trade barriers established by several foreign nations
A lack of timber caused a shortage of fencing that was finally solved by __________.
the invention of barbed wire
In the 1970s, official investigations labeled Bureau of Indian Affairs attempts to force Indians to adopt white culture a/an __________.
“near total failure”
Which of the following factors resulted in many Indian deaths on the Great Plains?
the spread of smallpox
How was the Cattle Kingdom’s growth linked to urban easterners?
The food needs of urban areas in the East aided the economic growth of the West.
The vast wealth of some pioneers was an effect of __________.
aggressive exploitation of natural resources

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