reading unti 17

hanzi Pinyin english
? shu familiar
??? yixiazi in a short while, all at once, all of a sudden
? ying to accept (an invitation), to be invited
?? guoji international
?? guangbo broadcast
?? diantai radio station
?? yaoqing to invite, invitation
? dai to stay, dull
? qian to sign
?? hetong contract (m.w. zhang, fen)
?? zhong-wai china and foreign contrys
?? hezi joint-venture
?? kongr free time, empty space
?? dizhi address
?? yewu business
?  gao to do, to engage in
?? jiaoliu to communicate
?? chengli to set up, to found
?? bujiu soon, not long after
?? kaizhan to start, to launch
?? jixu to continue, to go on with
?? yiding proper, due, fair
?? jichu foundation, basis
?????? zhiyou … cai only if
? guang used up, empty
? chou to find (time)
?? tongyi to agree
?? turan sudden, suddenly (keine zeitangabe)

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