Reaction paper on Philosophy and Engineering

Our world may be shot through with genealogy, but our technology is in turn interpenetrated with our philosophical dialogue. Its so fascinating to look how far we have gone from the nature’s simple structure to a complex and structured world. We are now facing a phenomena where the power of humans idea has moved us from caved habitat to a carpentered world. Humans are able to engineered the earth through the application of scientific and philosophical principles. We can observe vast inventions and fast-phased technological innovations in which our mind are capable of doing, all through the aid of engineering.

We are able o bridge continents , build complicated mega structures and even communicate from distant location. We successfully conquer the moon and have let our deepest inquiries about the earth and the universe flee through unmanned-space vehicles. If we are to study and dig deeply enough, we could see that all of these engineering ideas aim to satisfy human needs either physical, physiological, spiritual or emotional. We invented the telephone in order to connect to our loved ones – to always feel that we are never far from them. We build stoned- houses in order to shelter better our families.

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