RE Principle Chp. 3

Question Answer
Under the Fair Housing Act which action is legally permitted? refusing to make a mortgage loan to a member of a protected class because of a poor credit history.
Complaints relating to the Civil Rights Act of 1866 must be take directly to federal courts.
Why is the Civil Rights Act of 1866 unique? It provides no exceptions that would permit racial discrimination
A real estate professional said to a homeowner, "I hear they're moving in . There goes the neighborhood? Better put your house on the market before values drop!" This is an example of what illegal practice? Blockbusting
The act of directing homeseekers toward or away from particular areas, either to maintain or to change the character of the neighborhood is Steering
A lender's refusal to lend money to potential homeowners attempting to purchase properties located in predominantly Latino neighborhood is known as redlining
All of the following would be permitted under the federal Fair Housing Act EXCEPT a owner of a 20 unit residental apartment building renting to men only (violates the class part of fair housing act
It is illegal for a lending institution to refuse to make a residential real estate loan in a particular area only because of the physical location of the property
Which agency, upon receiving a complaint regarding a Fair Housing Act violation, investigates? HUD
Housing that qualifies for exemption from familial status provisions includes a restriction that 80% of the units be occupied by persons 55 or older
Which statement describes the Supreme Court's decision in the case of Jones vs. Alfred H. Mayer Company? Racial discrimination is prohibited by any party in the sale of rental of real estate
After a real estate professional takes a sale listing of a residence, the owners specify that they will not sell the home to any Asian family. The real estate professional should do which of the following? Explain tot he owners that the instruction violates federal law and that the real estate professional cannot comply with it.
The time for a first violation of the federal Fair Housing Act could be as much as $16,000
A single man with two small children has been told by a real estate professional that homes for sale in a condominium complex are availble only to married colples with no children The man any file a complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of fmilial status
The following ad appeared in the newpaper "For sale: 4 BR brick home: Redwood School District; excellent Elm Street location; short walk to St. John's Church and right on the bus line. Move-in condition; priced to sell" Which statement is TRUE the ad should not mention St. John's Church
A discriminating suit may be filed in federal court by a person aggreived by recial discrimination
The federal Fair Housing Act does Not prohibit discrminating on the basis of martial status
The provision of the federal Fair Housing Act apply in all states

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