RCS 464: Exam 2: Review 3: Chapter 8: Marketing Research

marketing research
is traditionally defined as the systematic
gathering, recording, and analyzing of data to provide information useful in marketing decision making.
cultural, research
International marketing research involves two complications: Information must be communicated across _______________ boundaries and the environments within which the ________________ tools are applied are often different in foreign markets.
general information
about the country, area, and/or market
Information necessary to forecast future marketing
information by anticipating social, economic, consumer, and industry trends within specific markets or countries.
specific market information
used to make product, promotion, distribution, and price decisions and to develop marketing plans
economic, climate, market, technological, competitive
International Marketing Research involves planning steps for collecting and assessing the following types of information:
1. _________________ 2. Cultural, sociological, and political ______________ 3. Overview of _______________ conditions
4. Summary of the __________________ environment 5. ________________ situation
problem, objectives, information, costs, data, results, communicate
1. Define the research _________________ and establish research _________________.
2. Determine the sources of __________________ to fulfill the research objectives.
3. Consider the __________ and benefits of the research effort.
4. Gather the relevant _________ from secondary or primary sources, or both.
5. Analyze, interpret, and summarize the ______________.
6. Effectively ____________________ the results to decision makers.
A crucial step for international marketing researcher is an
unfamiliar environment which tends to cloud problem definition. The problem definition must be broad enough to include all _____________ variables.
secondary data
includes censuses, information collected by government departments, organizational records and data that was originally collected for other research purposes
primary data
collected by the investigator conducting the research; Data collected specifically for the particular research project at hand
availability, reliability, comparability
The three shortcomings of secondary data include the ________________ of data, the _________________ of data, and the ________________ of data.
who, why, how, consistency, increases, increases
One can validate secondary data why determining _______ collected the data, ___________ the data was collected, _________ the data was collected, checking the ________________ of one
set of secondary data with other data of known validity, and by recognizing that the availability and accuracy of recorded secondary data (decreases/increases) as the level of economic development (decreases/increases).
primary, secondary
_______________ data is collected if even after seeking all reasonable _______________ data sources, research questions are still not adequately answered.
sales, distributors, middlemen, customers
Sources of primary data include ________ representatives, __________________, _______________, and _________________.
qualitative, quantitative
The two types of primary data include _______________ and ______________ data.
quantitative research
research/data that has a large number of respondents, a specific response format, and precise estimations
qualitative research
research/data that has open-ended or in-depth, unstructured responses, small sample size, observation, focus-group interview, in-depth interview
communicate, willingness, demographic, language
Some problems in gathering primary data includes the ability to _____________ opinions (babies), _________________ to respond, sampling in Field surveys (lack of adequate _______________ data, and ________________ and comprehension.
Multicultural research involves dealing with countries that have different languages, economies, social structures,
behavior, & attitude patterns. In some cases the entire research design may have to be different between countries to maximize the _________________ of the results.
International _____________ use is growing almost twice as fast as American use.
surveys, groups, tracking, advertising, customer, marketing, netnography
Different uses for the Internet in international research include online _______________, online focus ____________, web visitor_______________, ________________ measurement, _____________ identification systems, E-mail ________________ lists, and observational research (_________________).
expert, analogy
Two methods of forecasting demand include _______________ opinion and _______________.
size, rates, triangulation
In Expert Opinion, experts are polled for their opinions about market _______ and growth _________. The key in using expert opinion to help in forecasting demand is ____________________ – comparing estimates produced by different sources.
demand, economic
Analogy assumes that __________ for a product develops in much the same way in all countries as comparable _______________ development occurs in each country.
cultural, adapting, primary, secondary
The foreign market researcher must possess three talents to generate meaningful marketing information:
1. First, the researcher must possess a high degree of ______________ understanding of the market in which research is being conducted.
2. Second, a creative talent for ______________ research methods is necessary.
3. Third, a skeptical attitude in handling both _____________ and
______________ data is helpful
A _________________ marketing research approach allow for local analysts to provide information more rapidly and accurately than a staff research department .
client, local, market
An advantage of a decentralized marketing approach is that local researchers have close coordination between
the __________ company and the _________ research companies, and control rests in hands closer to the ___________.
individual, multi
Two stages of analysis in marketing research include _____________-country level, all issues involved in each country must be identified, and ___________-country level, the information must be distilled into a format that addresses the client’s objectives.
problem, questions, fieldwork
Decision makers should be directly involved not only in _____________ definition and _______________ formulation, but also in the __________________ of seeing the market and hearing the voice of the customers in the most direct ways when the occasion warrants. Even when both managers and customers speak the same language and are from the same culture, communication can become garbled in either direction.
natives, triangulation, decision, customers
The three keys to successful international marketing research:
1. The inclusion of ______________ of the foreign culture on research teams
2. The use of multiple methods and __________________
3. The inclusion of ______________ makers, even top executives, who must on occasion talk directly to or directly observe
_________________ in foreign markets.

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