Radiation &Conduction Examples

When heat from light moves to heat your hand it is__________Radiation
When you hold snow and the heat from your hand melts the snow it is___________Conduction
When the sun’s rays melt a frozen lake it is__________Radiation

When you eat hot pizza the and the heat from the pizza burns your mouth it is___________Conduction
When a person with a warm hand holds hands with a person with cold hands and the cold hands heat up it is___________Conduction
When the sun’s rays make the sand on a beach hot it is___________Radiation
When hot sand burns your feet from walking on it,it is___________Conduction
When you get a sun burn it is___________Radiation
When heat from the sun warms a pool it is___________Radiation
When a hot cup of coffee in your hands burns you it is___________Conduction
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