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While Functionalists, Conflict Theorists, and Symbolic Interactionists agree that racism is a social problem, they disagree on what causes this problem and how it operates in modern society.  In this essay, compare and contrast what Functionalists, Conflict Theorists, and Symbolic Interactionists have to say about modern-day racism.  According to each perspective why does racism exist?  Why does it continue?  How do we solve this problem?  In your opinion, which theory best addresses the problem and why
Human beings are all born the same way. The mother gets pregnant and nine months later a child is born.

Some of us are born in the United States and some in Africa. Some of our parents speak Spanish and some speak Italian. Some of us have red hair and some have brown. We all have differences and yet we are all have similarities. So why is it that some of us are treated poorly and must deal with racismSociologists have three main theories that clarify why racism exists: Functionalism, conflict theory and symbolic interactionism.

Functionalism believes that society is a system of interrelated parts. Each of these parts has a function in maintaining society as a system on the whole. However, inequality is inevitable – even essential – for society to function smoothly. Conflict theory views society as being in a constant struggle over a limited amount of resources. It deals with the interaction of multiple groups fighting to gain power.

The dominant group has access to wealth, power and prestige and they have the ability to set the standards and rules that benefit themselves and not the individuals or groups below them. Conflict theorists feel that those in power are unlikely to push for social change due to inequalities. Symbolic interaction focuses on social interactions between people influence their behavior and how these interactions impact society. They look at how race and ethnicity are socially constructed problems.

Here dominant group…

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