Quiz B Chapter 4

Question Answer
Middle Passage black Africans from freedom to slavery traveling across Atlantic to West Indies
Militia Home-grown Army (civilians)
New England Town Meeting Direct democracy- voting on proposed laws
Plantation System Southern Colonies on coast produced crops, slaves did the work
Pontiac's War 1763-Ottowa chief gathered Native Americans to attack British around the Great Lakes.
Proclamation of 1763 made people settle in Ohio valley to make Native Americans happy
Overseer mean boss to force black slaves to work
Salutary Neglect 1609-1763 Colonist ignored British laws
Smuggling trading illegally with other Nations
Speculator risking $ to make a large profit
Sustenance Farming Farming to feed one's own family
Tidewater Southern Colonies along the Atlantic Coast where large plantations produced cash crops
Treaty of Paris 1763 end of French and Indian war- Kiss and make up
Triangular Trade Route New England merchants developed trade routes.

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