Quiz 7

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The software that a company’s IT department makes, builds, and develops is called ____ software.
Outsourcing a basic business process is often called ____.
____ is an example of a nonprofit organization that publishes standards and reports for its members and the general public.
Typically, companies choose in-house software development for all of the following reasons EXCEPT to ____.
obtain input from other companies who already have implemented the software
Building an application in a ____ environment can offer greater benefits, and sometimes greater risks, compared to a traditional environment.
The choice between developing versus purchasing software often is called a ____ decision.
build or buy
Many IT ____ offer specialized services that help companies select software packages.
When planning a slide presentation to management at the end of the systems analysis phase, systems analysts should keep all of the following suggestions in mind EXCEPT ____.
ignore time for discussion and questions and answers
A(n) ____ model is an outsourcing fee model that charges a variable fee based on the volume of transactions or operations performed by the application.
Some ____ providers concentrate on specific software applications; others offer resources like order processing and customer billing.
A software ____ is software that is obtained from a vendor or application service provider.
____ is the transfer of information systems development, operation, or maintenance to an outside firm that provides these services, for a fee, on a temporary or long-term basis.
Web-based software usually requires additional layers, called ____, to communicate with existing software and legacy systems.
A ____ is a document that describes a company, lists the IT services or products needed, and specifies the features required.
request for proposal (RFP)
When companies acquire Web-based software as a(n) ____, they can limit in-house involvement to a minimum.
The ____ team must include users, who will participate in the selection process and feel a sense of ownership in the new system.
evaluation and selection
A firm that enhances a commercial package by adding custom features and configuring it for a particular industry is called a(n) ____.
Buyers can customize a software package by ____.
all of the above
____ promotes a broader vision of Software + Services, which refers to the company’s strategy for cloud computing — integrating software applications, platforms, and infrastructure.
Although the traditional model of software acquisition still accounts for more software acquisition, a new model, called ____, is changing the picture dramatically.
Software as a Service
In the Chapter 7 Video your professor states that the two goals for Netflix was
web based/scalability
A __________ uses a set fee based on a specified level of service and user support. An example of a fixed fee model is Oracle’s On Demand service.
fixed fee model
A ___________has a variable fee based on the number of users or workstations that have access to the application.
subscription model
Some data files should be hidden totally from view, while others should have ____ so users can view, but not change, the data.
read-only properties
Software vendors regularly upgrade software packages by adding improvements and enhancements to create a new version or release.
A ____ measures the time a package takes to process a certain number of transactions.
Microsoft’s ____ is one of the major Web-based development environments.
Which of the following is a path that development can follow?
construct a legacy system
A user ____ utilizes standard business software, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, which has been configured in a specific manner to enhance user productivity.
In addition to configuring software, the IT staff can create a user ____, which includes screens, commands, controls, and features that enable users to interact more effectively with the application.
Oracle Corporation offers a service called ____, which provides e-business applications on a fixed fee basis.
Oracle On Demand
When determining outsourcing fees, a ____ has a variable fee based on the number of users or workstations that have access to the application.
subscription model
When determining outsourcing fees, a ____ uses a set fee based on a specified level of service and user support.
fixed fee model
Some industry leaders predict that ____ computing will offer an overall online software and data environment supported by supercomputer technology.
Some firms offer ____, which provide powerful Web-based support for transactions such as order processing, billing, and customer relationship management.

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