Quiz 5 Word 2

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The search term entered in the Navigation pane appears in bold wherever it appears in the document.
A number list is a group of related paragraphs with a black circle or other character to the left of each paragraph.
One of the most useful features of a word-processing program is the ability to move text easily.
The clipboard can store up to 36 text items.
You can copy selected text by pressint Ctl + C
You can search for formatting in the same way that you can search for text.
Heading 1 is the highest level used for the major headings in a document and applies the most noticeable formatting.
A formatting guide is a set of rules that describe the preferred format and style for a certain type of writing.
A hanging indent indents all lines from the left margin except the first line of the paragraph
Word inserts page number fields above the top margin, in the blank area known as the header or below the bottom margin in the area known as footer.
To hide the shaded space between pages _____
double click the shaded space
The shaded space between the first and second pages of a document indicates a ____ break
To create a numbered list, you use the Numbering button in the ____ group
The Numbering button is a ____button, which means you can click it to turn numbering on.
Which of the following is NOT a way to move text in Wor?
Cut and copy
When you position the pointer over the selected text, it changes to a _____
left-facing arrow
The Office ______ is a temporary storage area on your computer that holds objects such as text or graphics until you need them.
Click the ___________ in the Clipboard group to open the Clipboard task pane.
Dialog box launcer
In the Find and Replace dialog box, clice ____ on the replace tab to display the Search Options section.
The Themes button can be found in the Document Formatting group on the _____ tab
____ is a coordinated collection of fonts, colors, and other visual effects designed to give a document a cohesive, polished look
The indent buttons of the HOME tab allows you to increase or decreae paragraph indenting in increments of ____ inches.
With a _____ indent, all lines except the first line of the paragraph are indented from the left margin

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