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Some netiquette rules to consider when using social media include all of the following EXCEPT ____.
freely tag friends in your photos

Which of the following is another name for ecash?

The challenge of ____ is keeping certain content from a subset of the population without encroaching upon the freedom of adults.

A concern over heavy use of ____ is that it may desensitize the individual to the reality of the real world.
violent, interactive simulated games

Which of the following is an example of a repetitive stress injury?
carpal tunnel syndrome

Net Nanny is an example of ____.
content-filtering software

One of the biggest roadblocks to ecash and ewallet technologies is _____.

Google Wallet software utilizes Android phones with near field communication technology, such as _____, to allow shoppers to swipe their phone at checkout to pay for items.

The FCC ordered ____ to stop throttling BitTorrent Internet traffic.

The first known flash mob happened ____.
at Macy’s in New York City

Each person’s digital shadow is ____.
the digital information generated about a person by organizations

____ supports network neutrality.

In the United States, the ____ oversees the handling of Internet traffic.

Ecommerce hosting companies offer _____ that provide all the necessary software tools to deliver ecommerce applications.

____ computing refers to the ability to access information at any time and in any place.

An online B2B transaction uses a(n) _____ network to exchange information on the web.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause ____.
a numb sensation in the wrists and hands

FBI reliance on citizen photographs to catch the Boston Marathon bombers is an example of ____.
web empowerment

Compulsive online gambling and pornography are examples of ____.
computer addiction

Violence in a virtual world ____.
may increase the likelihood of violence in the real world, but to date the studies are not conclusive

An act of ____ would be posting a story to a blog saying that a neighbor is selling drugs, when you know that it’s not true.

The idea of digital etiquette came into being ____.
with the advent of chat rooms and electronic mail

Ecommerce technologies include software and systems that support safe and secure transactions over _____ and the Internet, and make ecommerce possible.

____ computing has led us to an era where technology is so much a part of daily existence that it is no longer noticed.

___ is an example of following good ergonomic practices.
Adjusting the angle of a keyboard for comfort

Controlling the amount of ____ we receive in our email Inbox is one way to control information overload.

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