The growth of business format franchises (e.g. McDonald’s, worldwide has facilitated which of the following channel intermediaries’ value?
The natural disasters in japan impacted which of the following dimensions of marketing utility ?
Time utility
In the 21st century, marketing is best defined as
the creation of values to consumers
Which of the following describes the differences between contemporary marketing channel and marketing mix concept?
Contemporary marketing channel includes service component whereas marketing mix does not/OR contemporary marketing channel includes service component whereas marketing mix contain place and promotion
Supply and demand’s management’s ultimate aim is to resolve the
struggle between cost containment and profit maximization
What does not constitute the transactional function of the channel of distribution
store shelf color?
The elimination of intermediaries in the flow of goods and services is best described by
channel disintermediation
Which of the following characterizes service centered dominant logic?
the customer is an operant resource , value is determined by the consumer, primary unit of exchange is knowledge and skills
Service scope in 21st century marketing channels focuses on
24/7 service delivery
Is also known as “buffer inventory”
safety stock
Which of the following is not a characteristic of the B2B channel, as opposed to the B2C channel?
Agents and brokers
Service dominant logic is best described as
service quality and service scope
Extant market knowledge, specialization, and integrated communications are among the advantages provided by which of the following?
channel intermediaries
Which of the following factors is said to have the most influence on forming and maintaining marketing channel relationships according to contemporary marketing channel thoughts
Which of the following dimensions of marketing utility is consistent with the S-D logic paradigm?
possession utility
Build-a-bear is an example of what retail trend
consumer co-creation
An individual or organization meditating exchange utility in buyer-seller relationships through the transfer of title or ownership of a market offering is
channel intermediary
Food Inc. focuses on
oligopoly of food marketing conglomerates
Which of the following characterizes the current thoughts of marketing as a social and economic process?
Marketing is a decision making and problem solving function
Which marketing strategy offers highest risk and highest reward?
value chain management diversification
“Death of distance” best described by v
Which best explains countries promoting free trade?
consumers demand foreign goods and services
Matching the physical characteristics and/or packaging to situational factors related to customers’ needs identifies which value delivery dimension
Form utility
In service centered dominant logic, which of the following entities can determine value?
Which of the following does not enhance the value of the agribusiness channel?
drawing patents for the seeds
Which of the following IS characterized as operand resources?
Natural resources
Which is an example of a warehouse membership club?
Laptops offer which utility
place utility
What is an example of a direct channel
Buying pinot noir from a vineyard
Which is not a function of supply chain management in a distribution channel
software programming for on-line selling of products and services
Company ABC has been in business for 50 years. It is currently negotiating with a foreign company to establish a joint venture. What resource can ABC offer the joint venture?
relational resources
?? maybe negotiotory
What charactarizes the meat industry in Food Inc?
Which of the following explains the growth in ethnic groceries and the introduction of Wal mart’s Supermercado?
demographic factors
Ultimate goal of establishing and maintaining channel relationships is to
deliver positive value equity
Which is NOT a channel intermediary?
Li and Fung. They’re an extramediary
The bundling of several products in a single shipment by the wholesaler is which 21st century channel role
System Solver
Which of the following is a channel intermediary?
characteristics of Goods dominant logic
customer is operand resources, value determined by producer, primary unit of exchange is goods
Some reasons for the increasing power of the food supply industry?
increased competition amongst food supply industry
Which does not lead to the diminishing power of the food distribution chain?
Farmers reusing the seeds lol
Altering physical properties or packaging to create value
form utility
Real-time sharing of info is best described as
CRM ??
In marketing discipline, values are best defined as
Dale Lee is an example of
Channel Model of food supply industry?
Contracted farmers to food supply companies
Local law firm purchases some stuff from best buy. this is
strategic management of resources that deliver value
marketing channels
market-driven definition supports
creating and sustaining exchange relationships

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