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For peoples voices to be heard the service user in Queensland would need to feel listened to by the care worker. Service users would feel confident and safe if they have someone who they can talk to with their issues or problems. So If a care worker listen to service users then they would feel respected and valued, they would also have more confidence due to having someone to talk to.

For example in Queensland residential home care workers should have a discussion board where service users can write any thoughts or ideas they may have in the box, later on the week they should all get tighter and read out the notes and discuss what can be done. By doing this service users would feel valued and it will boost their confidence up due to the fact they are being listened to. An example in Queensland where a service user’s voice isn’t being heard is when “Iris and Mrs Campbell are approached by a service user in a wheelchair. He says that he wants to make a complaint because no one answers his buzzer during the night.

It is tells him that the staff were too busy and that he would get

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them in trouble over nothing”. Here care workers should have answered his buzzer at night, however if they were unable to do that they should have explained to him in a nice a calming way so that he understand. He also has the right to complain if he isn’t happy the ay things are, so this service user’s voice should be heard. Also another way service user’s can be heard is by filling out questionnaires, for example when I went to visit my Nan in hospital they asked me to fill in a questionnaire for her due to the fact she was unable to fill it in. n the questionnaire they asked if she was happy with the service and if not why.

However my Nan wasn’t happy due to the fact they hardly paid any attention towards her and her meals were always late. Here my Nan was being heard even if it was by a questionnaire she was still asked about how she felt. Also they gave me the chance to fill it in for her, even the vulnerable service users get a say on their opinion and on how they feel. After this my Nan felt confident that she was able to say her opinion without going through any trouble. Up to date information and the complex nature of decisions to be made:

For service users to know up to date information and complex nature of decision to be made they would need to have: Care workers need to make sure that all information given is relevant to what the service user wants to know for example there is no point getting information for a service user that has no use, this would just waste care workers and service users time. The information should be useful so that it provides the service users with help so they can be satisfied or if they had any other enquires to ask without keeping them inside them.

Also the information that the care worker provides is understood by the service users so that they can be satisfied with the information given to due to solving their problems they had. However the care worker would need to make sure they take into consideration the language that the service user may use and read, meaning that they should make sure the information given is readable for them. Also another consideration that should be taken in account is getting information from the appropriate places and various ways such as telephone lines, NHS direct, the local authority, newspapers, internet, pharmacy and many more.

If a service user has asked a care worker in Queensland asked them to get information on a certain disease they are concerned about, then care workers need to get this information to help service users feel satisfied. However if care workers got information that they just printed off and it wasn’t about the disease the service users mentioned then the service users wouldn’t feel valued and would feel as the care worker has no respect for them. Finally the information given to service users should be up to date and given at an appropriate time. If the information isn’t up to date then service user isn’t going to find it very useful.

This would be wasting service users and care workers time. However once a service user has requested information from a care worker then they should be provided with the information as soon as they can making sure that the service users isn’t waiting too long. This is because the service user would feel as they aren’t valued and care worker don’t have respect towards them making them feel useless. Also another point is there is no point a service user receiving the information days after they asked for it due to the affect the information may not be useful and they may have brought it from somewhere else. Advocacy:

Advocacy is speaking up for, or acting on behalf of, yourself or another person. Advocacy can help service users to: * make clear their own views and wishes; * express and present their views effectively and faithfully; * obtaining independent advice and accurate information; * Negotiate and resolve of conflict. However some people aren’t clear about of their rights as citizens, or have difficulty in fully understanding these rights. Others may find it hard to speak up for themselves. Advocacy can enable people to take more responsibility and control for the decisions which affect their lives, this relates to Queensland.

People who need advocates may have learning difficulties or they are too young to understand also if a legal matter needs to be dealt with. For example if in Queensland there is a Service user that has disability problems and us unable to talk, then this service user can have a advocacy so that they would feel as they are being heard, listened and respected towards. They would feel valued, however if care workers left these service users out and gave them no option in speaking out their opinions then they would feel as they are not valued, respected and may feel useless due to the fact they cant speak.

An advocate may be a member of the service users family, friend or they may have a volunteer who works with the service user to make sure the service user gets all the needs they are needed. When a service user would need a advocate is when the service users wants to say key facts and needs something to be reassured with them. A service user may in difficult situations when they are upset, ill or if a problem has occurred which need’s to be solved. Advocacy enables service users to do more for themselves and lessens their dependency on other people.

Also Advocacy should help service users to make informed choices rather then being made for them. For example in Queensland choices are always made for service users even if they are minor such as “in the dining room Mrs Campbell asks about the menu. She is told, we don’t give them any choice, and they’re so confused everything’s tastes the same. Here Queensland don’t give them choice in what to eat, they are not being valued and respected. They are being treated unfairly which makes them feel useless and upset.

However an advocate must ensure the service user is making real choices based on good quality information. They should not have a conflict of interest, this is because they can speak up for someone effectively, and there must be no other pressures on the advocate. This is why the advocate needs to be independent of the service provider. People must have choice about the type of advocacy they use. Service users should be able to choose the type of advocacy that suits them best so that they are satisfied with what is right and appropriate for them, they would also feel they are being listened to and valued.

Some service users feel that they need one person who is willing to act on their behalf whereas others will prefer the support of a group. Others will want to advocate for themselves, as far as is possible, with only the minimum of support. The choice of advocacy model will vary according to the person’s needs Finally an advocate may also be a translator if a service user does not understand the language the care worker is speaking. If the service user could not speak English then they may need to get advocate to help them understand what they are saying.

An independent advocate will not be a member of staff of the organisation providing the service to the service user. The role of the advocate is to represent the views and wishes of the service user accurately and effectively in Queensland. However before agreeing to act as an advocate, an advocate will always check that the role of advocacy is fully understood and this is what the service user really wants. An advocate will agree in advance with the service user how the contact will be made and how often and in what form it will take.

Also an advocate has a right to raise any issue on behalf of the service user but they don’t have to agree with the service user, only to respect their view and express it accurately. An advocate will always respect the service user’s right to privacy and confidentiality so that they feel respect and valued. Active support: Active Support is a method of supporting someone to be engaged, take part and be included in everyday activities and relationships that make up day-to-day living in Queensland. Care workers learn how to work as a team in a person-centred way by giving just the right amount of support each individual needs.

Being involved in all activities is the basis for personal growth and development, increasing social inclusion and for increasing choice, independence and control over service users. The quality of staff from Queensland support is one of the most important factors influencing the quality of life of people with learning disabilities, especially for people with higher support needs, people with autism and behaviour that challenges. Active Support is an effective way of increasing the participation of service users, including those with severe/profound learning disabilities, in everyday life.

Care workers who use Active Support have remarked at its enormous benefits to both service users and care workers. Service users become more engaged with the support they receive and staff feel empowered and have said that they encounter less behavior that challenges. An example for Queensland of active support is Iris and Mrs. Campbell is approached by a service user in a wheelchair. He says that wants to make a complaint because no one answers his buzzer during the night. Iris tells him that staff was too busy and that he would get them into trouble over nothing.

Instead the care workers should have took the service user and wrote their complaint or they should have apologised straight away and convinced them that something will be sorted out for them. Another example is a service users wants some information on a certain disease, care workers would need to make sure that they provide this information up to date. If they did not do this then service users would feel not respected and not valued feeling useless due to them not being able to do nothing.

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