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Author’s Note to Student:Hello!On the first page that follows this, you will find first an explanation of the difference between Queen Anne’s War and the War of Spanish Succession.  After that, you will find a suggested question to ask and answer about Queen Anne’s War.  Finally, on the final page in the “reference” section, you will find a listing of three suggested sources to use for your paper.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance in crafting your paper!TiffanyQueen Anne’s War vs. The War of Spanish SuccessionQueen Anne’s War and The War of Spanish Succession occurred during the same timeframe in the eighteenth century and shared the same key players, and are thus considered counterpart conflicts.  Beyond timeframe, only one other similarity is shared, and it is discussed at the conclusion of this paragraph.  Although the two conflicts are depicted by some historians as, in fact, the same war, they are merely two wars with ties between them.

  The basic premise of Queen Anne’s War was control of territory in the New World.  Queen Anne’s War was one of four conflicts that comprised the French and Indian Wars.  The War of Spanish Succession flared up after the death of King Charles II and was, as you may have guessed, a war to determine who would next lead the country.  Upon his death, Charles II bequeathed his possessions and crown to Philip V.  The legitimacy of the rule of Philip, a Frenchmen, was hotly contested.  The war was key in Spain remaining independent of future influences from Rome and France.

  One final similarity between QAW and WSS is that they were both ended in part by the Treaty of Utrecht.  This treaty provided for specific territories to revert to English control and allowed King Philip to remain in control, but dictated that he could not influence further succession in Spain. Queen Anne’s War: A Research QuestionI would suggest the following  research question for your paper:  How did the Treaty of Utrecht satisfy the original aims of Queen Anne’s War?In order to answer this question, I would suggest breaking your paper into the following three parts:1.  What were the original aims of Queen Anne’s War?2.  What were the terms of the Treaty of Utrecht?3.

  How did the terms of the Treaty of Utrecht satisfy the original aims of Queen Anne’s War?Suggested SourcesFor info on Queen Anne’s War:  http://www.uswars.net/1702-1713/index.htmFor info on the Treaty of Utrecht: http://www.porttoulouse.com/html/the_treaty_of_utrecht.htmlIn general: http://www.usgennet.org/usa/topic/colonial/book/chap8_2.html 

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