Quant. Analysis

Partition Coefficient
equilibrium constant for rxn. in which a solute is partitioned between 2 phases
process of passing a liquid or gas through a chromatography column
Plate Height
length of a chromatography column divided by the # of theoretical plates in the column
process in which molecule emits a photon after absorbing a photon, which results from transition between states of same spin multiplicity
the # of cycles per unit time for a repetitive event
the logarithmic fxn. of the radiant power of light striking the sample on one side divided by the radiant power emerging from the other side
Solubility Product (Ksp)
equilibrium constant for the dissociation of solid salt to give its ions in soln.
Equilibrium Constant (K)
the value of the rxn. quotient when the rxn. has reached equilibrium
ability of an analytical method to be unaffected by sm., deliberate changes in operating parameters
Lower Limit of Quantitation
sm.est amt. of analyte that can be measured w/reasonable accuracy
Degrees of Freedom
# of observations minus the # of parameters estimated from the observations
Calibration Curve
a graph showing the value of some property vs. concentration of analyte
a measure of how close a measured value is to the “true” value
Systematic Error
error due to procedural or instrumental factors that cause a measurement to be consistently too lg. or too sm., and can be corrected
a substance that readily picks up water from the atmosphere
curved surface of a liquid
liquid that passes through a filter
Primary Standard
a reagent that’s pure and stable enough to be used directly after weighing
Parts Per Million (ppm)
an expression of concentration denoting micrograms of solute per gram of soln.
not uniform throughout
process of adding a chemical substance to a sample to prevent one or more components from interfering in a chemical analysis
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