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When you think of phenomenal growth, Target Corporation stands out. Since the opening of its first store in Roseville, Minnesota come 1962, the company has experienced unprecedented growth. Today it operates over 1,591 stores, encompassing 47 states nationwide and this includes 210 SuperTarget Store locations (Wikipedia contributors, 2007). Just what makes Target Stores click to consumers? What is retailed in their stores likewise comes standard with competition (Wal-Mart and Kmart included) – such as photo processing, pharmacy, food courts, bakery, deli, meat, and produce sections, all geared towards the shopping needs of consumer.The answer just might be in the expert handling of their marketing mix – product, price, place and promotion.

Product: Like most retail stores, Target Stores depend so much on product quality on all displayed items in order to sustain consumer loyalty. More like cultivating a long-standing degree of reliability for its corporate image so that consumers can say – “if it’s from Target it must be good” (Wikipedia contributors, 2007). As have been bruited about by Target, consumers can expect only brand name products to fill its supermarket stalls.True to its promise, Target Stores carry attractive and well-designed merchandise at very affordable prices.

In fact since its inception in 1962, the company has stocked its shelves with name-brand lines and fashion forward products, a marketing strategy that tends to manipulate or create a disgruntled niche in the marketplace (“About Target,” 2007). Not only are products top of the line but mostly functional in nature as well. They see to it that products coming out of their stores are used extensively for the purpose it was intended for.To keep products more appealing, Target has commissioned known personalities like Michael Graves, Thomas O’Brien, Isaac Mizrahi to name a few, to design a new line of signature cookware lines, fashion lines and accessories, and even home decor (Wikipedia Contributors. This strategy definitely gave Target a new mantra in style.

In order to maintain product quality of products distributed with their retail stores, suppliers are meticulously screened. Critical to the process is the unscheduled ocular inspection of the facilities where said products are manufactured.Target personnel are involved in every step of the manufacturing process to this end. Consumer safety is likewise at the forefront of every product sold and Target always make it a necessity to only sell products that will create a sustained impact. Thus, not only are retailed products safe, but also packaged efficiently to provide maximum appeal to consumers.

While all products are not 100% fail-safe, consumers who experience some minor problems are provided with prompt repairs and support facilities.Besides, products have built-in warranties and money back guarantees so that consumers could simply return or exchange products not at par with their requirements. For over 40 years the Target brand has become synonymous to consumer welfare, being able to provide products that really tick plus a wide range of accessories and related services. No wonder consumers flock to Target Stores, simply because they sell functional products that spell a big difference in the lives of consumers. Price:Everybody has a penchant for product quality, but not everyone has the knack to determine which of purchased products are truly durable. The vision of Target Corporation is to provide consumers with quality products only that are sold at really affordable prices.

Target has been the envy of competitors due to the cultivated reputation of giving consumers products that are relatively cheap and at the same time elegant (Biesada, 2007). Owing to this character, Target has defied all odds as it grew to become the nation’s number two discount chain.

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