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Here is a list of the top ten considerations for developing an integrated information management system for a human services organization: Quality in Performance – Performance of an organization will be monitored. Is the organization capable of reviewing its performance record in terms of serving the clients on weekly, monthly, and yearly basis? How about reviewing the performance of the employees in terms of productivity? Schedules – The management system permits three important things- a. ) meeting assignment deadlines, b.

) review on clients and business partner’s meeting and, c.) employees are scheduled in accordance to the needs of the organization. Training and Orientation – The system permits the manager to hire and train people whenever it is necessary.All employees have to be trained and oriented. Financial Statistics – The money of an organization will be monitored – as to where it is coming from or going to.

It also answers how much money did an organization make, lose, and give out? Client Information – The system will protect the clients from human error, fraudulent claims, and identity theft by updating clients and partners’ information.Program options – The system permits the organization to put information and data regarding clients’ various inquiries so, it gives ease to employees on answering with a few simple clicks. Goal indicator – The indicator will state how far or how near is the organization in meeting the goal. The management permits the evaluation of the steps in achieving the goal and implements them.

Log book –It is the same with Quality in Performance but, it is more specific. The system permits the employees to access on specific information that the clients need.Input/Comments – The system permits the management to view the suggestions of the clients. Comments can be used, considered and implemented by the company. Organizational Planning – The system permits the evaluation of all features of the organization.Bibliography the_elmel.

(2007). Integrated Information Management System: Top 10 Considerations [Electronic Version], 1-2. Retrieved August 13, 2007 from www. associatedcontent.

com/user/66042/theelmel. html

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