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Quality assurance, management and productivity in most cases appear to share an oscillate in any business. Taking into consideration the fact that, for a product to have its highest quality, more time must be spent to guarantee the quality control. Poor quality production is not only non-productive and lowers the productivity of the business, but also increases the costs, most of them not to be recuperated. The chain of production in any business consists of production and sales and marketing. Poor production therefore will only result in poor sales.

Companies’ quality assurance managers are skilled in food safety principles to ensure wholesomeness in their products. To typify my statement, I will give two examples of companies in the same line of production. These are companies that are doing very well both locally and internationally. The Del Monte Company applies several strategies to ensure quality assurance. These include introduction of a work force whereby different department work together to achieve a common goal. These departments are at the market and at the source of the product.

Employment of qualified staff and quality assurance specialists also plays a big role in ensuring quality assurance of their products. Tam Pico Beverage company on the other hand has unique ways of ensuring production of good quality products; one being the use of one of the most scrupulous product testing programs. The products are screened every day before going through a battery of tests. The other one is recruitment of well trained personnel in the quality assurance department. Tam Pico and Del Monte both have their own unique ideas in quality product assurance.

The one thing they have in common though is the recruitment of qualifies staff in the quality assurance department. Both companies also offer training in that field to the employees to advance their knowledge on quality assurance. Either way, their common goal is to gratify the purchaser. Del Monte Fresh Produce Company Del Monte Company, one of the largest fruit production companies with well trained specialists in quality assurance as well as in all departments to ensure the products are of high quality. The company pays a lot of attention to production and distribution chain.

This ensures that the fresh produce and packed products are safe according to the food protection and quality assurance laws. The company’s main tenet is to provide steady and plausible products to the market, serving the clients satisfactorily and doing its best to gain trust from the customer (Del Monte Website 2009). Quality assurance function has extensive responsibilities in accordance with the Del Monte Company on constantly providing superior quality products. The functions specify relative humidity and temperatures when shipping their Agricultural products.

Quality assurance for fresh cut operations acts as a communication link among the company’s production, shipping and their customers. Inspections are conducted at the source and the target market so as to observe the quality of the product for sales and feedback to production and shipping. The key responsibility of the quality assurance department ensuring that constant standards of appraisal are applied at all sources and markets. The company accomplishes this through the development of training, manuals and episodic visits to the managers in the quality assurance department (Del Monte Website 2009).

Del Monte Fresh Produce Company has different strategies of ensuring good quality of their products. This includes involvement of other bodies to work in conjunction with quality assurance department. A technical service team is one of the bodies included in the quality assurance group. All the departments for instance production has to make sure that good cultivation and harvesting procedures are adopted to ensure that the nutrients in the fruits are not distorted. To guarantee this they use high quality seeds, fertilizers and sophisticated machines. It provides training to supermarket clients on storage and handling practices.

The company has also come up with a department to carry out research on the reception of their products to consumers. Quality Management Systems at Del Monte Fresh Produce Company Del Monte’s quality management systems are integrated management programs which include strategies, requirements and work process of the environment, human resource, worker’s safety and health, fruit production and quality (Fox, 1989). This series of management systems’ key intention is to satisfy the customer, involve people in all levels of the organization, as well as environmental responsibility and better-quality environmental performance.

Mixing rigorous standards and escalating market challenges with blowing competition and the chance for a gigantic economic reward, product perfection becomes an obvious necessity. For this reason, Del Monte focuses on nurturing close working relationships with the local communities, suppliers, the government as well as the customers. The company computes and confirms commitment to their corporate social responsibilities by observing labor codes. Del Monte has been able to avoid mistakes by lending their ear to other consumer goods companies in conjunction with their own experiences. Nichols and Wojewodka, 2008) they allow the process drive the system.

The management did not allow the system to determine how things needed to be done. This was made possible by working out the process and needs and chose a supporting solution. Defining their scope and holding on to it helps keep things in control. Nichol also emphasizes on not over-complicating or adding too much limitation to the system. Too much change at ago may cause overload (Stone et al 2003). Other steering principles include allowing the field to play a role in choosing the right system.

Involving it in communicating progress, triumph and failure and ensuring that peer groups and the management are conscious and aligned all through the process. Nichols also stresses on training as one of the major priorities. Del Monte has been benefiting from extensive fame by use of sophisticated management system, utilizing modernized product equipment, employing excellent techniques and possession of ideal mastery of product quality (Business Wire, 2007). Its products are also popular among citizens, becoming requisite consumer goods in civilian’s daily lives.

Process management at Del Monte Del Monte international introduced more machinery and employed more people who worked round the clock to ensure that they cope with the rising demands. They also adopted more sophisticated machinery to enable them produce more products for example the canning of fruit parts. Introduction of training for the employees in every department has helped a great deal in the production process. Del Monte, despite having a distinct planning process, still requires clear and terse sub processes propped up by the right system (Business Wire, 2007).

These include early planning to avoid regrets, annual performance reviews, post and pre-event analysis. In most cases anew products require hands-on attention. A staff with the best understanding of product and workflow is assigned the duty to pin point different individuals and situate them in different positions in the production department to ensure that the product is of superior quality. Commitment among the staff is necessary to abridge the process, consider a lights-out operation overnight, automate the process completely as well as lessen the number of staff.

Research and Development at Del Monte Del Monte Fresh Produce Company’s extensive research and development organization is one of its fundamental strengths. Research is conducted in all regions where the company is active (Asia, Africa, Europe, and North, Central and South America) to discover new products and come up with more competent ways of improving existing products (Business Wire, 2007). The research and development department is responsible for the improvement of fruit diversity, conducting taste panels as well as monitor the use of agrochemicals in the growing process.

The department comprises of diverse groups that support line operating unit (Del Monte Website 2009). TamPico Beverages Company TamPico Beverages Company was started about twenty years ago and produced only one flavored product. As years passed by, the company introduced more products with more flavors employing more people in the added departments. With their skilled production department, more flavored products and tough marketing strategies, Tam Pico products were the favorite of many people and made massive sales at around 1995.

The huge sales and acceptance of their products by majority of people encouraged them to produce more flavors and package packs of different sizes. In 2002, brands of Fruit Punches by Tam Pico were among the best selling brand of Refrigerated fruit juice drinks in American groceries and most countries where they had introduced their companies. To ensure the products reaching their customers are of high quality and safe, they are screened through a battery of tests on daily basis. Despite the label changing over the years, the quality of the product is the same scrumptious blend that has been a great hit from the word go.

Quality assurance at TamPico Beverages Company Inspection requirements, performance audits together with the never ending safety are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to strict quality control principles of the beverage industry. As these standards become stringent, the market demand increases and beverage companies are called upon to get products faster to the market while at the same time managing the quality of the ingredients. Tam Pico’s maker, Marbo, has always had vast pride in the company’s operation and has been recognized for producing quality foods worldwide.

To be at par with the increasing market demands, Marbo ensures good quality of the products by having one of the most meticulous product testing programs in the industry, recruiting highly skilled quality assurance specialists and by use of cutting edge testing procedures. The company screens its products on a daily basis. The products must also pass a sequence of tests before they are approved. Tam Pico’s line of Fruit Punches has earned respect for its exceptional quality and value perfect for our lifestyle whether indoors or on-the-go. People around the world have enjoyed the luscious products from Tam Pico since the 80’s.

Even though production strategy and development is directed from the head office, each production plant has competent and veteran production, technical as well as quality assurance management. All plants meet and regularly surpass international standards and local regulatory necessities and undergo audits in quality control field, health, environmental and safety practices. Over the years TamPico has been attaining standards beyond those of similar plants worldwide. Quality assurance is applied in every stage until it reaches the final customer.

TamPico, before processing their drinks, checks the freshness of the raw materials. This includes making sure the water used is clean by filtering and purifying local water. Quality assurance technicians test the water frequently since they use it to make the finished product. The technicians use urbane equipment to check everything from each package condition to every content detail. Tam Pico tries to combine its 20 year experience with the world’s practical situation, employing stringent control and management at the characteristic of product system, quality control and supply among other after-services.

The quality of all products manufactured by Tam Pico implement firmly the quality assurance standards regulated by the company concurrences with customer’s quality standard. Lending an ear to their competitors, helps avoid mistakes. Allowing flexibility at work and appointing different duties to different staff encourages quality work since each person perfects in what they do. There is no confusion at work and everything flows swiftly. Tam Pico, just like Del Monte, does not allow the system to decide how things will be done.

Process is left to drive the system not vice versa (Tampico Website: 2009). Avoiding over complication of the system helps keeping it in order. Trying to create change by all means only results to an overload. Conclusion Every company does its level best to impress the customer. Bad quality products will not only push the customers away, but the profits will go down which could result to downfall of the company. Qualified Quality assurance teams are the key to production of best quality goods. Producing own raw materials Each company also has its unique way of running production.

Del Monte takes care of its products from square one. From raw materials, they produce their own fruit. They ensure the fruit is of good quality by using the right seed, fertilizer and so on. Training of staff in every department also plays a role. From the gardens to the production room, using high quality ingredients is essential, advanced machinery and qualified staff ensures the product comes out just the way the customer would like it. Tam Pico however gets raw materials from outside sources. This is a bit challenging because they may not get exactly what they want.

Use of advanced machinery Tam Pico beverage company on the other hand has its unique ways of ensuring the customer gets what they and need. Just as the fruit arrives, tests are performed to check the quality. Once the best are selected, more tests are done in each stage. A battery of tests is performed on the product for it to be approved. They employ the latest and advanced machines and technology to produce the best. Del Monte, however, provides training to the employees in each department in order for them to be in a position to work as a team.

This encourages flexibility and unity at work thus producing the best. There are some things though that the companies have in common. Employing qualified staff in each department is one example. Both companies select the best. They employ very competent staff. Each employee is qualified to work in their respective departments. They demonstrate expertise and dedication characteristics. Training is offered by both companies to staff. Training is provided in all departments to assist they acquire knowledge that will help them work hand in hand with quality assurance team.

Retailers are also trained to ensure they handle and store the products in good conditions. They are also taught the ripening procedures of the fruits. Both companies encourage the different departments to work together with quality assurance department to ensure the products are of best quality. Each department is involved in the production from the gardens to sales. Each has a role to play. Quality assurance therefore is a responsibility of every department in an industry. None can do without the other. Quality products only require cooperation among the staff.

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