Qualities of a Good Professor

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Education is and important process in life, through which we acquire knowledge from an experienced and well qualified instructor. The level of education received depends greatly on how well qualified the instructor is. A good instructor must have several good qualities, some of which include knowledge, patience, and punctuality. To begin, knowledge is the most Important factor that determines how good an Instructor can be. As long as an Instructor possesses valuable and explicit

Information that can be clearly transmitted to another student, there Is no doubt that this Instructor is knowledgeable. Some people might also argue that an Instructor’s knowledge might sometimes be transmitted with certain difficulties to other students. It Is In this sort of circumstances that we talk of patience. Not everyone has the same level of comprehension and understanding this knowledge could also differ In context (depending on the type of student to which the Information Is being reanimated to).

It is therefore Important for a good professor to be able to understand these differences and make sure that his instructions are being well transmitted. Moreover, another factor which determines whether a professor is a good one is his punctuality. This is very important because it

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shows to students that the professor is very responsible and he/she is much respected as well.

Mutual respect is very necessary too because if the instructor does not respect his/her dents there is misunderstanding between the two parties and the instructor will finally be judged as a bad one. To make a long story short, a good professor is someone which has a lot of good qualities but most importantly possesses knowledge, patience and punctuality or mutual respect. It is important to keep the students well satisfied with one’s job because, after all, it is the students who actually determine if a professor is good for them or not.

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