Quad 1: Further Review

When reviewing Policies and Procedures, if text is in red what does that mean?
It is a new change to the policy
What is the expected time frame that an MT has to complete the program
Approximately 13 weeks
What are the 4 A’s?
Attention, Attempt, Awareness, Accomodation
What are the three parts in each quad that the MT will have to accomplish before moving on to the next Quad?
Readings, Study Guide, Test
How do you know what to do with expired products?
Look at the products corresponding Vendor Order Guide
What are the 4 categories of paperwork?
Take Action
Save for Reference
Where do you store paperwork or files that are “Save for Reference”?
A-Z file folder, or in 1-31 file for follow up
How often should the A-Z file folder be gone through and sorted to remove any paperwork that could be recycled?
Every other month
What do you do with paperwork or files that are classified as “Delegate”?
Give to a Team Member, and save a copy in 1-31 for follow up
If a Guest asks about a particular installer, what can you tell them?
That you have not investigated that particular installer or their info
What do we do differently for pricing in Chicago?
We show the original price in addition to any sale price
We show the price per unit of measurement on bin tags and signs for any “Consumer Commodities”
What functions are the Commercial Contractor Sales Team Members responsible for?
Selling to contractors and commercial businesses
Promoting menards contractor programs
Promoting Menards brand credit card
Using Computer Systems appropriately
Understanding and knowing Menards special order programs
Familiarizing themselves with current common trade practices
What are the details posted on MyMenards in regards to SPIFs
Items qualifying for a SPIF
SPIF percentage
Dates a sale must be made to qualify
Dates the merchandise must be picked up by
How will the commercial contractor sales staff pursue sales from professional contractors and commercial businesses?
Stopping at their places of business to generate sales
Approaching contractors while they are in the store
Developing business relationships with those in charge of accounts
Providing high levels of service
Targeting Appropriate personnel
In charge of product selection, pricing, and placement
Chief Merchant
In charge of marketing such as Radio, TV, Print Coupons, internet and In-Store Promotions
Marketing Manager
Responsible for all merchandise purchases, inventory levels, product placement, and advertising for their specific department
Merchandise Manager
Creates the department layouts and determines how products are to be placed and priced
Assists the Merchandiser to oversee the purchasing of all items within the merchandising department. Primary responsibilities include purchasing, retail pricing, merchandising and marketing of product lines. They are also responsible for proper reporting of vendor agreements, sales and gross margin
Senior Buyer
Responsible for selecting and purchasing quality products for retail stores. They set retail pricing, assist with merchandising and marketing product lines, as well as maintain good vendor relationships. Their goal is to attain the highest gross profit dollars in the competitive market
They research product lines, set up programs to maximize inventory replenishment efficiency, and maintain good vendor relationships
Associate Buyer
They are responsible for maintaining the product inventory levels at store locations. This includes anticipating the needs of advertised items and ordering additional products as required. They also address store concerns involving product shipment and inventory levels.
Inventory Analyst
They determine the placement and location of items selected by the buying staff, by creating Plan-O-Grams. They issue the POGs to the stores whenever there is an item or line change. They may be called upon to assist in developing store-remodeling plans for their assigned departments as well as other departments
Merchandise Planner
How long should a “New” tag be placed on a product?
90 days
Heavy duty hooks that hang on Madix ends
Lighter duty hooks that hang on Madix ends
Clip strips

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