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The relationship between the texts you have studied and their several cultural context is important because it provides insight into the manner values have been maintained and changed. Discuss with mention to the text from the past and it’s appropriation.

The intended audience of both Pygmalion. by George Bernard Shaw and Pretty Woman. directed by Garry Marshall was the mass of society at the clip of composing. This is seen through the pick of the signifier of each text. Pygmalion is a drama because in the early 20th centaury this was the popular manner of distributing thoughts and Pretty Woman is a Hollywood movie. a current signifier of mass media today. Because both texts were aimed at the bulk of society they each must stand for the positions of their cultural context to be popular. which both texts proved to be. As both texts reflect the cultural positions of the context they were composed in. a comparing of the two provides a important penetration into the manner specific values have been maintained and changed over clip.

One of the chief values explored in both texts is what each society believes to be the ‘perfect’ adult female. By comparing the manner these adult females in both texts are presented. we are given an penetration into the altering position of adult females over clip.

In English society in the early 1900’s adult females were seen as inferior to work forces and were frequently stereotyped in the sense of the apparels they wore. how they spoke and how they presented themselves. instead than their personality. Women’s lower status is seen in Higgins and Eliza’s unequal relationship. Higgins is clearly presented as the maestro and proprietor of Eliza as he ‘buys’ her from her male parent and treats her as a “live doll” . Eliza is about objectified by Higgins. stand foring the sexism nowadays in the 1900s. She is seen as the ‘perfect woman’ by society merely when she has been transformed to a dignified. good spoken. beautiful lady of high society. This is seen through the differing reactions to Eliza by the Eynsford Hill household when she is a flower miss. compared to when she is a ‘duchess’ .

The place of adult females in society has changed a great trade over the last centaury and the modern-day post-feminist society is believed to supply and equal playing field for all. Womans and work forces are seen as peers socially every bit good as by jurisprudence and in the work force. This is seen in the portraiture every bit Vivian as the heroine in the movie who. although she is still beautiful. is single. independent and has a certain natural intelligence. she is seen as ideal for these personal qualities.

Another position explored in both texts is the complicated system of hierarchical societal categories and bridging the spread or interrupting the barrier between these categories.

Late 19th – early 20th centaury English society had a stiff category system with the thought of upper. center and lower categories that were based upon birthright. At the clip Pygmalion was composed nevertheless. the system had begun to alter as the turning in-between category was get downing to lift up through the societal hierarchy due to wealth. This is portrayed in the drama when Mr. Doolittle becomes rich and rises the ladder into “middle category morality” . Shaw is profoundly satirical of these societal categories as is seen in how Eliza can easy lift herself to upper category and her statement to Higgins at the terminal of the drama of “I had merely to raise my finger to be every bit good as you” clearly makes his position clear that the societal barriers are superficial.

Pretty Woman was written in the late 1980’s. a decennary known as the “greed is good” decennary were societal category was based entirely upon wealth. apart from in the planetary community were both ethnicity and wealth both play a function. Social hierarchy is more flexible as any one can lift to what is seen as higher society through the gaining of money. non through the category they were born into.

Bias between the categories is seen when the store assistants garbage to function Vivian on Rodeo thrust. However as the film is aimed at the “all twenty-four hours mean American” one typically of the in-between category. mistreatment of wealth or greed is seen as a bad thing. Seen in the portraiture of Edwards work spouse Stukie who because of his efforts to increase the size of his company and his infidelity to his married woman is seen as superficial and by Edwards’s sad remark to Vivian: “we both screw people for money” . The audience alternatively sympathises with Vivian. who all though is of low category is still seen as the favoured character because of her personality. This demonstrates the modern neglect for societal category. which is a value that has changed over the past one hundred old ages.

The major observation that can be made of both texts and which demonstrates altering values over clip is in the decision of each narrative. Shaw was determined to give Pygmalion an anti-romantic stoping. intending the drama did non reason as a romantic comedy should. with the chief female and male characters falling in love. His logical thinking is that Eliza has achieved independency and no longer wants to be seen as Higgins belonging. every bit good as that “his relation to her is excessively divine to be wholly agreeable” . This reflects non merely Shaw’s strongly feministic positions but the demand for more equal gender relationships at the clip and the populaces preferable pick of a more credible decision over a romantic 1. Popular thought at the clip believed that people married within their category and Higgins’s dismissal of love as a “life of the gutter” demolishes any dream-like romantic universe.

The decision of Pretty Woman was specifically designed to accommodate the mass market romantic comedy genre and to appeal to today’s love affair obsessed society. The decision of Vivian and Edward falling in love and meeting symbolically half manner in the fire flight is a typically “Hollywood” stoping and extremely unrealistic. To do the film popular with a broad audience Marshall has created a fairytale stoping when Vivian is “rescued by her prince” as she has ever dreamed of. This constitutes the happy stoping of a typical romantic comedy and reflects how today’s media has moulded society into holding idealistic romantic perceptual experiences.

Both texts were popular civilization of their clip and therefore reflect the common ideals and values of the context in which they were created. By analyzing the relationships between each text and their cultural context we can compare both texts to uncover the manner certain positions. in this instance romanticism. the function of adult females and societal categories. have changed over clip.

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