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The company teamed up all its employees to work collaboratively under on physical space. The purpose of the Internet of things is to integrate more technology into its appliances so as to interact with its new build up IT systems and the customer’s technology and to extend its business through these new services. To support this new business strategy, Whirlpool Is building an ecosystem of applications through which appliances connect to other systems, where IT plays a pivotal role. Pratt, 2014) The promise of the Internet of Things – the connection of machines to the Internet IA sensors is prompting Whirlpool to integrate more technology into its washers, refrigerators and other household appliances so they can interact with the company’s IT systems and the customer’s In-home technology. So that type of smart devices Is very easy to malting and bring the possibility to sell new services to consumers and suppliers. For instance, a machine can alert Whirlpool and its owner to needed maintenance and order required parts.

According to Whirlpool CIO Mike Helm, IT assumes a vital part to help this new business segment, by building an ecosystem of applications through which machines interface with some other systems. IT brings critical skills to Internet of Things which includes knowledge of enterprise architecture, cloud computing, networking, system integration, security, delivering systems with high availability, redundancy and resiliency. Analytical skills for analysis of products feed information to the companies, Hemi says. In order to achieve the strategic goals, the Internet of things requires collaboration of the team members with interpersonal and business skills,” says Brett Dibbed, UP and general manager of Integrated Business Units. Since, IT department integrates and is critical to all other departments to achieve the company’s strategy, the Internet of things has opened up new area of expertise for new IT professionals to contribute strategic thinking about security and privacy matters.

IT should counsel business colleagues on Internet of Things opportunities and contribute strategic thinking about security and privacy matters. If IT fails to provide good advice, companies may opt to outsource instead, leaving “IT on the outside looking in,” Eric Openness, a consultant at Dolomite, says. Discussion Questions 1 . How should enterprises secure the massive amount of business critical data that is produced by the sensors in these TOT devices?

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