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Bobbie Garrison Granting university Public administration is in a constant state of flux and what worked for one era may not necessarily be the best option of doing things In a completely deferent era. Max Weeper’s rules of public administration state that public administrators should only be allowed to follow a restricted set of rules. The people who hold offices in the public administration are also constantly changing which would also make a certain set of rules possibly not be as cohesive for some as they were for their predecessors.

Each new official has his or her way of doing things and thought processes, priories, what needs to be done, how to address issues and their own styles of leadership. The role of Public Administrator is such that whoever assumes the position needs to be a person who Is capable of multi-tasking, an aggressive outside the box thinker who can address current Issues and agendas while running a public department. The benefit of a restricted bureaucracy allows for the public administrator to only hone in on their little piece of the pie.

Being responsible for only what is listed In heir Job description, being technically responsible for that area only without overlapping responsibility for other areas. Although this make the job easier those who work in the field they must be the experts in that area but they are only experts in that one area working from fixed set of rules with no deviation. A disadvantage of a restricted bureaucracy would be that the process could take longer to complete with only a certain set of hands dealing with certain areas.

If no outside help is allowed because it does not fall within their job description, and if things were to fall behind there would really be no playing catch up because the name amount of people that allowed It to fall behind In the first place are the same amount of hands that must play catch up and still stay on top of the day to day additions to their departments. This style of public Administration was seen in action in the article “How Kristin Died” In the one Instance Kristin had called a Mr..

Longhorn who was a counselor at Emerge an educational program for abusive men and when Carrier showed up and wrote Kristin name on the intake form, Longhorn asked if Carrier was on probation and that he needed the name of the probation officer. Then Carrier ripped up the In this instance Mr.. Longhorn was operating according to Weeper’s administrative theory, he did his Job according to what he was allowed to do based on the rules his agency had in place.

The disadvantage was He had information that could have saved Kristin life had that information been passed on to those agencies who could have stopped Carrier from his abusive ways by revoking his parole and placing him in jail. Throughout this article each department did what it was supposed to do and each person handled their Job as the subject matter expert but only in their area of responsibility. All the evidence was there for putting away Carrier it Just wasn’t roughs together to make a complete picture.

Allowing a public administrator to have a certain amounts of discretion in carrying out his assigned duties allows for that person to maximize his or her potential and job performance. Being able to think outside the box, looking outside their immediate areas of responsibility to make sure they have covered all scenarios that could affect their area either directly or indirectly, looking at the bigger picture not just one area to make sure they have covered all possible issues.

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