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What is a feature of the storage stage of memory?
Holding information just long enough to work with it.

The ________ is derived from work in the development of artificial intelligence.
parallel distributed processing model

Higher false recall and recognition response can be predicted by ____________________.
symptoms of depression

Decay is the fading of ____________________.
a memory trace

Brain-derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF), a key protein involved in the formation of memories, is stimulated by ____________________.
continued everyday learning

In more developed countries menarche begins at ____.

How does an embryo develop male sex organs?
presence of Y chromosome, release of androgen, Wolffian ducts to develop and Müllerian ducts deteriorate

How many children are born with hermaphroditism?
one in 1,500

What is a sex difference found in the brain that can explain why women are better than men at emotional expression?
Women use both hemispheres of the brain.

What is a difference in women’s and men’s brains that can explain why more women than men suffer from anxiety and depression?
Women have far greater number of common receptors for serotonin.

gray matter is to hardware, as white matter is to __________.

According to Masters and Johnson’s sexual-response cycle, what would a male experience during the excitement phase?
The penis becomes erect, the testes pull up, and the skin of the scrotum tightens.

In what year did Alfred Kinsey begin his survey?

What was the range in the Kinsey scale?

Id someone was a 3 on the Kinsey scale, what would their sexual orientation be?
equally hetero and homosexual

In what year was the Janus report published?

The Janus report surveyed people ranging in age from ____________________.

According to the Janus report, 67 percent of males and 46 percent of females ____________________.
had premarital sex

Homosexuality may be transmitted on the ___ chromosome.

Primary sex characteristics ____________________.
are directly involved in reproduction.

Emma likes trucks, but her friend says that girls only play with dolls. From then on Emma only plays with dolls.
Social Learning Theory

Iain wants to be a ballerina for Halloween, but his father forbids it & forces him to be a zombie football player.
Social Learning Theory

Jenna hears all of the women in her life speaking in a soft voice & therefore speaks in a soft voice herself.
Gender Schema Theory

More women than men considered themselves to be _________.

Organic factors, sociocultural factors, psychological factors, and paraphilias all influence ____________________.
sexual disfunction

Which region is quickly becoming the next AIDS “hotspot”?

… children learn from the culture in which they live a concept of what it means to be men and women. In other words, children adjust their behavior according to their gender norms and expectations
Gender Schema Theory

Social Learning Theory
proposes that learning occurs through imitation and modelling of behaviour of role models.

Proactive Interference
What you learn 1st interferes with what you learn 2nd.

Retroactive Interference
What you learn 2nd interferes with what you learn 1st.

Frontal lobe
Episodic memory

Emotional memories

Explicit memory, can bring back to working memory, new LTM

Implicit memory

Frustration results in…
Persistence, Aggression, Displaced aggression, Escape or withdrawal

UCS & …

UCR & …

Taste aversion is conditioned to…
smell, not taste

CS & UCS must occur…
at the same time to be most effective.

Positive Punishment
Getting something you don’t like

Negative Punishment
Something you like is taken away

Negative Reinforcement
Taking away something you don’t like

Classical Behavior
Reflexive, Involuntary

Operant Behavior

Classical Response

Operant Response

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