psychology ch. 1

what are mental processes
internal, covert processes
dr. baker designs an experiment for studying lab rats’ reaction to energy drinks in relation to problem solving. Dr. baker is most interested in the goal of
results of the study by cherry suggest that changes must occur to the perception of the computer science field. this illustrates the goal of
what of the following early psychologists would have been most likely to agree with “the study of psychology should focus on how it functions in everyday life”
William james
who was the first woman to complete coursework for a doctorate at harvard
mary whiten calkins
what early perspectives tried to return to a focus on scientific inquiry by ignoring the study of consciousness
which of the following perspectives focuses on the biological bases of universal mental characteristics
what perspective offers the best explanation for schizophrenia
wesley has learned that if he cries in public he will get a toy. what perspective explains his behavior
which perspective would a researcher be taking if she were studying a childhood of a client and his resulting development of self
which of the following professionals in psychology has no medical training but has a doctoral degree
where do most psychologists work
what is the final step of the scientific method
reporting results
what is an example of an observer bias
asking the people from your church to participate in a study of family values
what is the greatest advantage of using a case study
tremendous amount of detail that can be gathered
what is the main advantage of a survey
a large amount of data can be gathered
what can researchers use to maximize the likelihood of a representative sample
random selection from a larger group
what indicates the weakest relationship and can be close to complete randomness
in an experiment to examine the effects of sleep deprivation on completion of a puzzle, one group is allowed to sleep eight hours while the other group is made to stay awake. which group is the control group
the group that gets to sleep
what study do the participants not know if they are in the control or experimental group
in the dumb jock stereotype threat experiment, what was the independent variable
the degree of the stereotype threat
what is the first guideline for doing research on people
the rights and well being of the participant comes first
what is the biggest reason why we use animals for research
we can do things to animals we can’t do to people
scientific study of behavior and mental processes
what are the four goals of psychology
description, explanation, prediction and control
where did the study of psychology begin
germany in 1879
what stresses the way that the mind allows us to adapt
study of learning, language, memory and problem solving
cognitive psychology
study of hormones, heredity, chemicals in the nervous system
overt actions and reactions
who is considered to be the father of african american psychology
francis cecil sumner
what did sigmund freud psychoanalysis focus on
early childhood experiences
which psychologist dared to ignore the whole consciousness issue and return to a study of scientific inquiry by focusing on observable behavior
john watson
what perspective is often regarded as the third force in psychology and focuses on a person’s freedom of choice
what best explains the bystander effect and not helping those in need when people are around
if a doctor uses an eclectic approach in her clinical treatment of children what is being done
she is using a combination of perspectives to treat different clients
if a psychologist identifies themselves with the largest subfield in psychology, what are they
if diagnosed with a psychological disorder, who would you visit first
which step in the scientific method is derived from he goal of description
perceiving a question
brianna wants to find an explanation for the behavior of her lab rat in her study. which step in the scientific method is she currently focusing on
testing a hypothesis
the famous study of phones gage, who survived a metal rode piercing his skull is an example of
case study
a researcher finds that her subjects spend more time exercising the more weight they lost, what kind of correlation is this
a researcher asks an assistant to conduct a study on her behalf, she specifically tells her assistant to only share the results anonymously and not include the names of the students along with their scores. what kind of experiment was this
double blind studies control
the placebo effect and experimenter effect
int he stereotypes and athlete study, who was the control gorup
the students who complete the survey prior to the intelligence test

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