Psyc 1101 Inquizitive

What do we call such findings that occur unexpectedly?

Which psychologist used reaction time to study, in a laboratory setting, how long simple and complex mental tasks took?

forensic psychologist
For legal issues

counseling psychologist

social psychologist
focus on how people’s actions are affected by the presence of others.

health psychologist

school pscychologist

free association
Free association was a technique to gain access into the unconscious

self-serving bias
Everyone is better than average. People are motivated to feel good about themselves

confirmation bias
Don’t believe everything you think.

hindsight bias
We are wonderful at explaining why things happened, but we are much less successful at predicting future events.

mental shortcut bias
keeping it simple

source credibility bias
Particularly when we are not sure what to believe, we are faced with the issue of whom to believe

no statistics bias
Going with your gut, not through ration

seeking relationship bias
misperception that two events that happen at the same time must somehow be related.

relative comparison bias
How a question is framed, or presented, also changes how people answer the question

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