PSP National Exam Study Guide

The magazine that PSP members receive twice a year
The Purple and Gold

Official membership certificate

People whose signatures are featured on the Shingle
National President, National Secretary

The only means by which someone may become a collegiate or honorary member of PSP

(Three) Fraternity colors
yellow, gold, purple

The auxiliary Fraternity color

This is located at the BOTTOM of the Coat of Arms
a ribbon with “Phi Sigma Pi” in Greek

This is located at the TOP of the Coat of Arms
Lamp of Knowledge

These objects appear on the center of the Coat of Arms
open book with staff, four clasped links, three stars

The name of the monetary fund used to assist Members in need of financial support

The translation of “subrosa”
under the rose

The highest honor an individual Member in Phi Sigma Pi may receive; bestowed only by unanimous vote of the National Council
Distinguished Service Key

Current VP of Alumni Development
Ryan Alexander

First woman to be inducted as an official collegiate member of PSP
Helen Wilson

Current National President
Matthew Nicoletta

Elected President in 1928; brought PSP into the Professional Inter-Fraternity Conference
Rolla Wood

Current Senior VP
Erik Walschberger

President and National Secretary (respectively) in 1930; many more *Pennsylvania* schools were added under their tenure
Walter Percival, Clarence Williams

Current National Secretary
Natalie Mikkelson

These fine gents wrote the words and music to “Brothers Are We”
Charles Darrin, Edward Ingraham

Current VP of Finance
Sarah Cantwell

Current VP of Philanthropy Development
Patrick Herron

Under his leadership, the National organization nearly tripled in size; full-time national staff was added
Jeffrey Johnson

Current VP of Membership Development
Christopher McCoy

Wrote the music and words to Brother in 1996
Thomas E. Daniels

Current VP of Chapter development
Brian Bunton

Supreme legislative body of the National Fraternity
Grand Chapter

PSP’s legislative body consists of:
National Council, 1 delegate from each Chapter, 2 delegates from the National Alumni Association

Executive and Administrative body of the National Fraternity
National Council

These two events take place during the summer months
National Convention, Alumni Convention

The book that Phi Sigma Pi Chapters, The Grand Chapter and National Council use to run business meetings
Robert’s Rules of Order

The purpose for using Parliamentary procedures to run a Chapter meeting
Help the meeting run more efficiently

This is a Non-profit philanthropic body created to collect and distribute funds in support of the programs and goals of PSP
The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation

This is any action or situation that recklessly or intentionally endangers anyone in any way

Two ways of becoming an Alumna
graduating, transferring to another institution

Two ways in which Alumni can remain actively involved after graduation
join the national alumni association, join a regional alumni chapter

First honorary/female member
Clauda Pennock Todd

First female president of PSP
Tammy Mleziva

College of William and Mary Chapter
Gamma Psi

Virginia Tech Chapter
Alpha Rho

George Mason Chapter
Delta Zeta

James Madison Chapter
Beta Rho

Radford Chapter
Alpha Xi

University of Virginia Chapter
Alpha Omicron

VCU Chapter
Alpha Sigma

The region to which our Chapter belongs

Date of PSP’s founding
February 14, 1916

College where PSP was founded (original name)
State Teacher’s College at Warrensburg, Missouri

The CURRENT name of the institution where PSP was founded
University of Central Missouri

Founding Fathers of Phi Sigma Pi
Eldo Hendricks, Claude Phillips, and C.H. McClure

The three legs of the tripod
scholarship, fellowship, leadership (service)

National legislation that prompted the inclusion of women in PSP
Title IX

Year that the Constitution was amended to allow women in PSP

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