Proxemic Communication (nonverbal behavior)

proxemic communication
the study of the communicative aspect of space

Intimate distance
0-18 inches. reserved for intimate interaction and private conversations

personal distance
18 inches-4 feet. used for casual, friendly interaction.

social distance
4-12 feet. used for business transactions and consultation. also social functions.

public distance
12 feet or more

area controlled by an individual, family or other face to face collectively with the emphasis on physical possession as well as defense

standford lyman and Marvin scotts 4 types of territory
-public territory
-home territory
-interaction territory
-body territory

public territory
territories we share with others

home territory
areas owned and controlled by individuals

interaction territory
socially marked

body territory
the most private territory

action taken before encroachment occurs- use markers, offensive display and tenure

if prevention does not work-can be positive or negative

personal space
portable territory that we carry with us wherever we go

when ones personal space needs are violated

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