Providing Service and Attaining Fulfillment

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Providing service is something that should provide fulfillment to a person. Motivation to provide service should come from the heart. For me, providing service naturally gives a feeling of fulfillment. Knowing that I was able to render service to my fellowmen also gives more meaning to my existence. Living is not all about oneself. One must also make it to a point that his/her existence means something. There is more meaning to life in providing service. One of the most outstanding service providers are social workers.

They work for the benefit of other people. I could only imagine how fulfilled and happy they are because of what they are doing. I could also imagine how those they were able to help feel happy and content. These social workers have played a significant part in their lives. Social workers also rarely get paid well. They are only in it because of the willingness to help and provide service. The same is true for volunteers and environmentalist. They are advocates of what they do so they do not care much even if they do not receive a hefty salary.

As long as they enjoy what they do and they do it because they believe in something, that is all that matters. This is how I view service and the motivation that these social workers and environmentalists have is the same as the motivation that I have. I want to provide service not because of the monetary rewards. I do it to help and I consider it a part of my personal growth. I also view it as a way of developing my personality. It is mainly the fulfillment that keeps me going and continuing to provide service.

In one of my experiences, I have tutored children in mathematics and science. I help them cope with their studies but not to the point that I do their homework for them. I feel deeply satisfied by this in a sense that my knowledge has been helpful to other people. It feels even better particularly because the people that I helped were children. I feel that I have a moral obligation to provide service whenever possible. It is even better because dealing with children is never a boring experience. I have also taught children at the elementary level on how to start and operate a business.

This is rather a good thing particularly because in case these children do not get a chance to finish college. They still have a good chance to become successful and profitable in life by using what they learned and implement a business of their own. It could start from a small business venture until it grows to a large multi-scale business. I am overjoyed to think that the students can use the knowledge that I taught them to be successful in life. Stressing ethics along with entrepreneurial skills, I am certain that these children will never go astray.

I also had similar experiences when I was the business manager of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) which is a non-profit organization devoted to teaching entrepreneurship and business ethics to students. During my stint at SIFE, I have participated in many of its outreach projects in making children business oriented. Being in a non-profit organization committed to helping people is an unforgettable and a very gratifying experience. Currently, I am working as a tutor of LEAD Trio Programs and a mentor at Big Sista Little Sista in which I also render service to children.

Being a mentor is one the best feelings that I ever felt especially when you know that your students learn a lot of new and neat stuff from you. It seems that I have a knack for dealing with children. Similar to doctors that render service to the sick, teachers render service to students. I believe that both line of work is spiritually satisfying especially for doctors for they deal with human life and the patient expresses gratitude for helping them cope with their illnesses. This may not always be the case for teachers.

Some students may not like studying and may even curse their teachers, but in the long run, teachers will still get the respect and the gratitude that should have been accorded to them for rendering service. When I gain a diploma in Accounting and hopefully become a CPA, I could again use my knowledge to render service and help people with their taxes and also companies with their financial statements. I can also serve the government by looking for misrepresentations of a company’s income to evade higher tax rates.

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